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Art City

Mary Louise Schumacher

Art City is the name of Mary Louise Schumacher's column and online journal about visual art, the urban landscape and design for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It is also a community of writers, artists, curators, designers and architects, as well as a platform for dialogue. You can expect to hear from some of them on the show.

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Hello everyone. I'm excited to share the fourth episode of Art City Radio with you, our weekly podcast about culture in Milwaukee. For this week's show, I share a story that I've had tucked away for weeks. I interviewed Miranda Levy, a local artist who had landed a spot on "Project Runway" this year. We talked before one of the first episodes of the fashion-fueled reality TV show. I asked Miranda why some of her designs resembled her military uniform. That's when she told me a story -- of what propelled her into the U.S. Army, what the military gave to her, the suffering she endured at the hands of her male colleagues and the art projects that helped her reconstructed her identity. It's a hard story but ultimately a hopeful one. Every time I thought about writing it up it didn't quite feel right in the context of the "Project Runway" season. Also, so much of the story resides in Miranda's voice, in the poise and eloquence with which she tells it. Now that we have this podcast, it seemed like the perfect way to share it. She'll talk about the Veterans Book Project, a library of books written collaboratively with artist Monica Haller and veterans. Collectively, this archive represents a larger narrative about the impact of war and the nature of military service. Haller worked with the Milwaukee Art Museum to connect with local veterans. Also this week, I ask Adam Carr to share some of his peeved impressions of "Station to Sation," the cross country, whistle-stop art happening that's got the whole art world buzzing right now. We saw it in Chicago this week. And the Art City contributors are on the phone with ideas for art to see this weekend, too.
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