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Anamnesis: A Medical History


A podcast about Medicine and History. Each Episode I'm going to talk about historical events and how they've affected Medical Science as we know it today. I'll also be interviewing an expert in each field to see what their angle is on each topic. I hope you find it interesting!

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This Episode I’m talking about heart disease, and the amazing story of self-experimentation behind the first human cardiac catheterisation. That’s Nobel prize winner, Werner Forssmann and how he rebelled against his seniors and conducted a risky proof of concept that became the foundation of an entirely new field of medicine: Interventional Cardiology. I’ve also been talking to Dr Andrew Flapan, consultant cardiologist, to find out more about interventional cardiology today and where it might be heading in the future. Here’s a couple of books that cover Forssmann’s experiments in a bit more detail: The Man Who Touched His Own Heart – Experiments on Myself - And one on self-experimentation in Medicine in general: Who Goes First? - A good leaflet explaining PCI for patients - TAVI - British Heart Foundation for information on treatments for heart conditions - Follow us on Twitter @anamesiscast Or find us on Please give us a rating on iTunes if you’ve liked this episode, it all helps!
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