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Amusing Bouche

Molly Socha

Comedian Molly Socha invites her funny friends and comedy counterparts to cook a meal with her in her very small, New York kitchen. They cook; they joke; they laugh; they drink; they debate whether or not Molly could out maneuver a T-Rex.
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08/16/19 • 82 min

Molly cooks with one of the stars of the sold out show live comedy show "Improvised 30 Rock." Megan Sugrue brings her very own family recipe for Chicken Paprikash and talks about growing up in the midwest, her favorite take out places and what it's like playing the character JD Lutz on stage. And of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Amusing Bouche if Molly didn't talk about whether or not she could survive a T-Rex attack. Also, Molly's got some news about a live stage adaptation of your favorite podcast! All that and more as they drink wine and debate the importance of "real" sour cream.

For more details on how to see "Improvised 30 Rock" and "Amusing Bouche: Live and In Person!!" check out the links below:

Improvised 30 Rock:

Amusing Bouche: Live and In Person!!:

Amusing Bouche on Instagram:

Amusing Bouche on Twitter:

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Poke with Sami Main

Amusing Bouche


05/02/19 • 83 min

Molly's talking raw fish and tarot on this episode of "I don't think this will make us sick". . . I mean. . . "Amusing Bouche." Improviser, tarot reader, writer and author of the book "How to Deal: Tarot for Everyday Life" Sami Main (@samimain) is our special poke sous chef this episode. She and Molly get deep about intuitive eating and the diet industry, mediums, tarot readings and rice vinegar beauty secrets. Also, which Harry Potter house would Libras be in? Because we all know Scorpios are Slytherins.

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04/09/19 • 86 min

Molly is getting her act together and back with a new episode of Amusing Bouche. This episode Molly and Izzy Stanish (of the improv groups Jane Don't and Gym Crush) pay homage to Izzy's love of french fries and make a stellar poutine together. Izzy shares her thoughts on improv, sketch and lactose intolerance; what she really thinks was going on in "Us" (**spoiler alert**) and Jess Fuchs gets way too many shout outs in one episode.

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01/29/19 • 70 min

Molly makes Shrimp and Grits with the talented Florence Friebe (@florencekf) from The Shitshow and Who Are You. They talk about the pros and cons of Trader Joe's, why a saucy shrimp dish has no right to have tails nor shells included and how they would survive a Jurassic Park-like scenario.
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07/10/18 • 3 min

New York comedians collaborate together to create a meal together in a small kitchen. Hilarity and deliciousness ensue.
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How many episodes does Amusing Bouche have?

Amusing Bouche currently has 5 episodes available.

What topics does Amusing Bouche cover?

The podcast is about Comedy and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on Amusing Bouche?

The episode title 'Chicken Paprikash with Megan Sugrue' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Amusing Bouche?

The average episode length on Amusing Bouche is 65 minutes.

How often are episodes of Amusing Bouche released?

Episodes of Amusing Bouche are typically released every 106 days, 16 hours.

When was the first episode of Amusing Bouche?

The first episode of Amusing Bouche was released on Jul 10, 2018.

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