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29: Community, with Joe Darnell

All of the Above: Design, Code, and Learning

06/23/15 • 43 min

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Episode 29: Community, with Joe Darnell

In this episode:

We have Joe Darnell subbing in for Bryan this week to talk about community. We look at what a community is in both the on- and offline world, and how we can use algorithms to uncover these communities.


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About Our Guest: Joe Darnell

A fellow podcaster, Joe Darnell has a vested interest in logo design and branding for online and print media. He's especially keen on attention to detail and productive workflows. Altogether, Joe has 15+ years of experience in graphic design, video editing, and audio production. Not too long ago, he was the creative director at one place, and then another. For now, Joe works alone, like Batman. For listeners of All of the Above, his TechTonic podcast is right up your alley.

You can find him on Twitter @_JoeDarnell

Show Notes & Links

Apps Mentioned

Khan Academy


Square Cash



We review movies and TV shows, aggregate movie and TV news, offer opinions and analysis, and most of all have good fun and great discussion.

Top Brew

A podcast best served fresh.


The Seismic Shifts in Technology Culture

Urban Dictionary

Upper Echelon

Bryan: Community’s Impact on Learning (Starts at: 3:22)

Technology has expanded our sense of the word community. Previously we may only have thought of a community as a town or neighborhood. Such a definition is centered around mostly a shared geographical location. Today communities can refer to a group that shares similars interests, needs or responsbilities without any concern for distance or even time (Rosenberg, 2005).

And in turn it seems that we are seeing the idea of communities mentioned more and more in both education and workplace training. More specifically we are seeing the idea of communities of practice. For example you may see Nursing students getting together to study, have regular discussions, share experiences, and ask each other for help. That can then expand beyond just students to also include educators, practicitioners, and experts in the field joining in on the discussion, offering advice and wisdom, and serving as mentors.

The act of building and joining a community has also been shown to bring about increased motivation, engagement, and better performance academically as well as in the workplace (Mac, Ivan, Reuman, & Main, 1995). So I am interested to hear if you all have stories in which joining or building a community impacted you and your education.

Joe: Characteristics & Forms of Community (Starts at 4:20)

Penn State

Exploring the idea of Community


Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe

Statesman ...


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