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Aggressive Body-Weight Loss

Aggressive Body-Weight Loss


Join my journey in the "dark world of body-weight loss".In the dark side of your mind.This actually is a documentary that will will make together. Me and you. This will be a journey. Not a "how-to" doctrine. Anyway, internet is full of useless "magic diets", given by "experts". But HOW? how an “expert” can give you a diet without any blood tests? Without to interview you? Without to check your family. Is it pathological? Psychological? Mentality? I.e. today in 2023, still in Africa a thin person gives the image of the poor person. "This person is poor, that's why he/she/they have no money to buy food". In the Fast Food-Country (USA), excessive body weight does not make a fat person. Makes a "big" person. I love it as helps against segregation and racism, but ..still.In Europe, but also in most of the developed countries around the world, the fat person mostly is a poor person and vice versa.A person with so many insecurities and thoughts that "maybe tomorrow will not be food for me, so let me enjoy it today that I can get it".But I think the same happens also in USA. Where can you find more thick people? In the rich neighbourhoods, or in the poor ones?Anyway, less unwanted calories, it means good quality of food.And good quality it is ALWAYS expensive. Am I wrong?But no matter what, here we need only one thing: RESULTS. We need to remove all our excessive weight, and we WILL do so. Firs of all, we will remove all good excuses and then we will start removing the fat.Let's explore together what happens to you and you gain weight, under another perspective.Don’t worry. I will NOT make you run tens of miles per day. Nor to survive by eating only a half banana every three days. Between other, we will apply “reverse engineering” in how we took the weight and we will do the same also about our lifestyle.You and me we will try hard to change our mindset. Not our diet at this point. This will be a decision we will take along the way. But one step at the time.We don't give diets here. We hit the problem under another method. Our first goal it’s called MINDSET.Nobody can have success in any target, if they don't configure their mindset accordingly. How to be thinner, when you don't believe that you can do that.We will "hit" the problem on its roots. I'm not guarantee to you that you will lose weight "because of my method/diet/other". I'm an overweight guy who needs desperately to lose weight, and I'm sure I will manage to do so.So? What do you think? Will we win this fight? Oh yes.The only thing I need is you and the only thing you need is me.Now, I am about to start a new war.The war against myself. Against the part of me who destructed the "old me", creating something else. A mutant. Today I can hardly walk. If a very rich person wants to give me a million dollars as a prize to cut my toe-nails by myself, my belly fat will push me away from my dream to be a millionaire.So, if all above sound completely crazy to you, then you have a very good reason to follow my journey and together to win this fight.Disclaimer:I'm not a physician. I have no opinion on how to lose or to gain weight. In my podcasts, psychologists, physicians and dieticians are MORE than WELCOME, to give me useful tips to transfer to my followers.But you must always have in mind that nobody can guarantee you to lose weight. If you get wrong what I say, or if what I say is wrong (to you especially or to all), then I have no responsibility on that. What I'm trying to do is to find how can we archive our target which is the "aggressive" body-weight loss. Not possible all to get the same target. And because the entire concept includes also health risks, my suggestion is to contact your doctor before any diet or dietary attempt and follow your doctor’s orders. Not mine.First step: Fight against depression and grow the self-respect.Be with me.
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How many episodes does Aggressive Body-Weight Loss have?

Aggressive Body-Weight Loss currently has 5 episodes available.

What topics does Aggressive Body-Weight Loss cover?

The podcast is about Podcasts and Arts.

What is the most popular episode on Aggressive Body-Weight Loss?

The episode title 'Episode 2 - Let's start' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on Aggressive Body-Weight Loss?

The average episode length on Aggressive Body-Weight Loss is 30 minutes.

How often are episodes of Aggressive Body-Weight Loss released?

Episodes of Aggressive Body-Weight Loss are typically released every 5 days, 2 hours.

When was the first episode of Aggressive Body-Weight Loss?

The first episode of Aggressive Body-Weight Loss was released on Mar 20, 2023.

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