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A Life Well Designed Podcast- Lifestyle design for career, relationships, and business

Jonathan Pritchard

A Life Well Designed Podcast is where people come to learn lifestyle design, networking, career success, improving relationships, personal coaching, how to take control of their life in general, and start the process of living with intention & integrity. Your life is the most important project you'll ever work on, so learn how to do it right! Come with us to explore design on every level. Your host, Jonathan Pritchard, has made a living of using applied psychology to convince an audience full of people he can read minds, and now uses his powers for good; not just evil. Come with him on his journey to create a life of success and learn from a host of teachers along the way. Topics range from motivation, object design, technology, networking, confidence building, dating, public speaking, and a lot more. Find out more at

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Maura Sweeney is a trademarked ambassador of happiness, Author, Podcaster, Huffington Post Blogger, and world traveler. She takes a "Living happy - inside out" approach to life, and she's also an international speaker on topics of Leadership and Influence. Featured in over 100 media outlets including Britain's BBC & NBC-TV, she shares insights on how she created her own life well designed. Also, she points out, all this was launched when she hit her 50's, so it was truly designed to happen the way it did.


Website: Twitter: @Maura4u Foundations of Happiness eCourse:
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