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A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞

A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞

iMARK • Radio

❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ features the vantage point of Dr. Victorya Goodrich D.D, history’s first publicly verified Initiate of the Illuminati. She produced & self-published “Initiate of the Illuminati” at Amazon under her anagram pen name, iVy Taroc.
The Illuminati call her Princess~
Having passed all prerequisites, she is currently the highest and only ranking Initiate at Level 1.1. She is the founding Leader of Council 22, a committee dedicated to creating resources that help The Illuminati Public Outreach, reach further.
Additionally, V holds a Doctorate in Divinity with no stated Doctrinal/Ideological focus and is the chosen delivery system for The Great, One's New Dispensation. Her primary mission is restoring the Patterns established at Huemanity's inception.
Family, a primary pattern as History will show, is paramount and is perpetual
Dr Goodrich is provably of Atlantien decent, and speaks about & for The Great, One and Atlantis with accuracy and authority. Along with her Twin, Brad Adams 🕷She is currently preparing this entire planet to learn more about our Species, as a People. Her official title is "High Sage".
Expect to learn more about our “GodParents” as she removes ALL Hueman middleman hindering our BIO-FAM's spiritual evolution, so folks can return to our shared spiritual radix & help restore our Species to Ideal stasis
Because NO one can anticipate what will come out of her mouth...Not even V~
❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞
iMark Radio:
T.me/EntityEnergy (Chan)
T.Me/EverlastingEntity (Acct)
Truth Social @EntityV
X @Entity_Energy
[email protected]
Everything I bring forward is based on my own unique perspective and understanding of anything, at any given time. I’m work in progress, no less than those I follow, or those who follow me.
My perspectives are based on pro-grade Clarisentience, observational awareness, and direct experiences, coupled with research and applied knowledge.
I’m really just some suburban chick, a garden variety Fool of sorts, looking to master my Own Kingdom; within.
I'm divinely compelled to share my situations & solutions, in hopes these things will serve to shine the Light of encouragement & inspiration, on those who are seeking to become the very best versions of themselves they can be, also.
(All Legal Rights & Remedies; Reserved)
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How many episodes does A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ have?

A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ currently has 130 episodes available.

What topics does A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ cover?

The podcast is about Podcasts, Self-Improvement and Education.

What is the most popular episode on A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞?

The episode title 'KNOW THIS!' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞?

The average episode length on A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ is 20 minutes.

How often are episodes of A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ released?

Episodes of A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ are typically released every 7 days, 1 hour.

When was the first episode of A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞?

The first episode of A) ❝juᔕt ᔕayin❞ was released on Apr 3, 2018.

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