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A IS FOR ANTHROPOCENE: Living in the Age of Humanity

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

A is for Anthropocene: Living in the Age of Humanity is a bi-weekly podcast that digs into the multitude of questions about human impact on our planet. Host Sloan MacRae and Steve Tonsor interview experts in science and the arts to tackle tough issues like climate change and species decline without giving up hope that we can still leave the Earth in excellent condition for generations to come.

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By taking care of greenspace, we care for ourselves. Hear about best practices for getting young people involved in land stewardship, and about how fostering a relationship with the outdoors is essential climate action. Featuring Naturalist Educator Nyjah Cephas and two of her students from the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy’s Young Naturalists program.

Visit to learn more about the Young Naturalists internship, and about Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy’s work to steward urban greenspace.

Watch the companion We Are Nature video series here.

Episode Credits: Produced by Taiji Nelson and Michael Pisano. Field Reporting by Di-ay Battad. Field Recording by Delaney Greenberg. Editing by Michael Pisano. Music by Mark Mangini and Amos Levy.

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