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50 Shades of Kay


A weekly podcast with guests to talk more in depth about everything that matters to women in an honest discussion with a little humor and sass.
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If you're like me, this Coronavirus pandemic has likely caused you to feel overwhelmed and to have moments of anxiety at times.

How do you cope with these emotions? How do you stop putting unrealistic expectations on yourself?

Life coach Angela Perelli has some tips to help you redirect your focus and some coping strategies to get through these uncertain times.

And remember we're all in this together. It's not forever and we WILL get through this.

Thanks for listening to the 50 Shades of Kay podcast!


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How are you feeling? Life has changed and that can be overwhelming at times.
And now, more than ever, we need to find ways to get our minds right! Taking care of yourself and your mental health needs to be your #1 priority!
Because what’s happening in our world and our personal lives with the spread of the coronavirus is unprecedented.
And having feelings of sadness, fear, hopelessness and anger are all normal, but HOW do you turn those into feelings of hope and positivity?
That’s why my guest today Jim Love is here to help us with.
Jim is a keynote speaker who has been on the 50 Shades of Kay Podcast before. He inspires people to find the leader within themselves and helps others push away negative thoughts and focus on positivity!
And if you're looking for more motivation and positivity from Jim, follow him on Twitter @jim_m_love
With a background in leadership development, Jim's keynote speeches are often given to high school and college students. If you're a teacher or faculty member that would like a motivational and inspiring video message for your students, Jim is offering his services for FREE right now during this challenging time.
Here's Jim's past interview on the podcast:
[fembed ftype="iframe" src="{protocol}s://omny{*}fm/shows/50-shades-of-kay/how-to-stop-negative-thoughts-today/embed" width="100%" height="180px" frameborder="no" provider="omny"][/fembed]

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03/12/20 • 22 min

Being a Mom is tough and being a working Mom brings on its own set of challenges at times too.

There IS support! It's called Working Moms of Milwaukee, founded by Susannah Lago. And in honor of Working Moms Day (March 12th* in Wisconsin) Elizabeth Kay sat down with Susannah to get more information about this one-stop-shop and what kind of support and resources this organization provides to women.

To connect with Susannah and other moms just visit and make sure to use the hashtag #WorkingMomsDay and #WorkingMomsMKE on social.

If you enjoyed this podcast, share it with a friend or make sure to subscribe on iTunes, RADIO.COM, GooglePlay or on your Podcast app on your Apple Product.

Thanks for listening!

*Wisconsin Governor Evers and Milwaukee Mayor Barrrett officially proclaimed March 12, 2020 Working Moms Day in Wisconsin and in Milwaukee

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There is a new Women's Wellness event that's coming to The Delafield Hotel on March 28th called Calm in the Chaos!

Put on by Elevate MKE, the founders Brianna Gasper and Kate Inglish sat down with Elizabeth Kay to talk more about the inspiration behind this event and what attendees can expect.

This truly is an opportunity to take a day for yourself at a beautiful venue!

Through journaling and a variety of breakout sessions with presenters from across the country, plus a keynote speaker who will focus on healing through perspective, you'll leave feeling refocused, supported and reenergized.

There are limited tickets available!

Visit to get yours!

Follow Calm in the Chaos on Instagram @calm.elevatemke

Follow keynote speaker Andy Ptacek on Instagram @andythenewgirl

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JJ Watt, Aaron Rodgers, the Milwaukee Bucks, Vince Lombardi - all of these names and more have worked with Wisconsin's own Capture Sports Marketing and have helped raised over $25 million dollars to benefit charitable causes.

But who is behind these projects?

Meet Chellee Siewert, who was working with a sports team and noticed athletes who wanted to use their platform to do good in the world, but they didn't know how or where to get started.

That's when her idea for Capture Sports Marketing was created!

Their approach is to identify the athlete's passion and how the want to give back. From there, they build the brand and then promote and fundraise. But as Chellee says, "it takes a village!"

In this episode Chellee explains mistakes that she's learned from, what she looks for when hiring, how Capture Sports Marketing chooses the athletes to partner with and how does she avoid burnout while also being a wife and mother to two boys.

To connect with Chellee, her company or one of the charities they work with just visit


Twitter: @CaptureMktg

Instagram: @capturesportsmarketing

Or follow the hashtag #AthletesDoingGood

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It's never too late to get organized! This is your year to finally clear out the junk drawer and get your life in order because you CAN do it and you DESERVE it!

Do you feel like your house is giving you anxiety? Is your mudroom a mess? Are you tired of the pile of mail in the kitchen? Are you going through a change in your life and you feel like your're living in clutter?

Then you need to reach out to Milwaukee's own professional organizer, Britt Blackwelder.

From spice cabinets, to closets and even your office at work - she has the answers and the skills to get you organized! Britt sat down with Elizabeth Kay in this episode to provide you with some ideas of how to start.

Book your complimentary consult today at and you can get more tips from her on Instagram @brittishway

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Did you know there is a life coach in Milwaukee that's just for Moms?
Her name is Dr. Jessica Larson. She is a full-time working mother, a wife and a psychologist who was starting to feel burned out in her own life. This motivated Jessica to make changes and now she is on a mission to help women develop a strong and intentional self-care practice and shift their lives in a way they never imagined.
In this episode Jessica talks about how to manage "mom guilt" how to find time for yourself and how to get more energy.
To connect with Jessica, you can find her on the following platforms:
Facebook: Mama Be: Self-Care for Moms
Instagram: @mamabe.selfcare

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11/06/19 • 22 min

Good food, good wine and good company and it's all for a good cause...that's what you'll find at the International Women's Series at The Pasta Tree on the East Side of Milwaukee!
Owner and event creater, Suzzette Metcalfe sat down with Elizabeth Kay to talk about the idea behind this monthly event and how important it is for women to support other women.
Each month will feature a new inspiring women!
This month, celebrate National Adoption Month with special guest Wendy Gebauer on November 13th. Wendy specializes in children's law and helps finalize the adoption process in the Milwaukee area.
Interested in attending a future dinner? Just visit or visit
Proceeds from the International Women's Series benefit the following charities:
Express Yourself MKE

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Did you know that you have up to $3,000 to $5,000 dollars just sitting around your house?

Where and how do you get that money?

Heather and her husband Parker from Exclusive Elegance are here to tell you HOW!

They are parents of 3 girls who turned online selling into a SIX figure income and it’s continuing to GROW! And if you’re motivated, it’s pretty easy!

In this episode Heather explains HOW you can do this TOO!

Websites referenced in this episode:


Connect with the Parkers and follow them on Instagram @exclusiveelegance for more tips!

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04/28/20 • 20 min

A great way to find calm in the chaos is to GET ORGANIZED!
You’re likely spending more time at home during this pandemic and if you need a good project that’s good for your house and good for your soul – it’s getting rid of clutter.
But where do you start? It doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking. It could just be organizing your email or going through a junk drawer.
And my guest today can help!
I’m so grateful to my friend and the queen of organization, Britt Blackwelder, for coming back on the 50 Shades of Kay Podcast to help us get some order in our life during this crazy time!!
Britt is also the founder and owner of The Brittish Way – a Wisconsin company that offers professional organizing services. If you'd like to get in contact with Britt, just visit

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How many episodes does 50 Shades of Kay have?

50 Shades of Kay currently has 126 episodes available.

What topics does 50 Shades of Kay cover?

The podcast is about Society & Culture and Podcasts.

What is the most popular episode on 50 Shades of Kay?

The episode title 'How to ease your anxiety during this pandemic with life coach Angela Perelli' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on 50 Shades of Kay?

The average episode length on 50 Shades of Kay is 20 minutes.

How often are episodes of 50 Shades of Kay released?

Episodes of 50 Shades of Kay are typically released every 11 days, 1 hour.

When was the first episode of 50 Shades of Kay?

The first episode of 50 Shades of Kay was released on Jan 27, 2017.

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