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50, Now What?!

Alicia Sutton

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So you’re 50 - now what! Join host Alicia Sutton in her new Podcast geared towards women and women identifying. She will speak to game changing women in finance, health, and so much more to help you move into this 50 season with grace and joy! She will be doing some wild experiences such as skydiving, trying foods she never thought she'd try and more. Your 50s are not a time to hang up the hat, instead it's a time to do the things you always wanted to do to journey into this new season of life with vigor. Join Alicia in exploring everything you want your 50s to be, and so much more!

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Do you ever feel like you are too busy, too old, or too out of shape to begin a fitness journey? Well, think again - our guest Traci Townsend is here to start you on a path to become a stronger, more active, and more fit version of yourself. Traci is a retired public educator who made a big life shift, becoming a certified personal trainer and online fitness coach for women over 50. Now, she operates an online personal fitness coaching business, offering one-on-one consultations, custom workout plans, nutritional education, group classes, and more.

However, it’s not just weights and bands with Traci... though those are important... she is also all about finding your “why” for physical fitness, and wants everyone to know that you can always start, wherever you are, right now. She is here to improve and maintain the quality of your life, and maybe get you a little muscle in the process!

To learn more about Traci, visit her at or on instagram @fitnesseithtraci

1:08 Traci Introduction

3:11 Getting certified in personal training

5:01 Introduction to Fitness With Traci

5:38 Top 3 Obstacles for women over 50 trying to get into fitness

7:36 Where do I start?

9:00 Accepting the you now vs the you then

10:30 Tapping into how you are feeling physically, and helping you feel better

12:30 Combating Negative Body Image and Negative Self Image, and the importance of Self Care

16:20 How do I find the time for physical fitness?

18:55 Finding Motivation for Fitness

23:21 Fitting your Fitness into your Lifestyle

24:43 5 Essential Fitness Tips from Traci

31:06 Where you can find Traci

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09/22/23 • 32 min

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What happens when two empty nesters decide to trek Fourteen Hundred miles on Europe’s GR5? Alicia sits down with Kathy Elkind, author of the new book, “To Walk it is to See it”, to find out! They discuss the profound insights and epiphanies Kathy had while walking 1400 miles with her husband Jim, through Europe. They also touch on the power of synchronicity and how mindfulness, self compassion and contentment were among the items she “packed” for this journey, and more. This was a wonderfully inspiring and spirited conversation that will have you seriously thinking about taking an adult gap year for adventure, yourself!

To learn more about Kathy, and her book “To Walk It Is To See It”, visit her website

:25 - Kathy’s Introduction

1:28 - Preparing to walk the GR5

4:50 - Sparking a love for the outdoors via Kathy’s upbringing

7:37 - How to pack self-care for an adventure

9:58 - Kathy’s relationship with food & body image, and journey of how she combated shame

15:10 - The great thing about menopause...

18:11 - Synchronicity in Kathy’s Journey: Being in the right place in the right moment

20:36 - The people that helped along the way

23:05 - Kathy’s relationship with her husband, and how it completely evolved from the journey... and how it reassured her.

26:45 - Lessons learned and moments of growth from leaping into writing a book

28:25 - Final words of wisdom from Kathy

29:13 - How to find Kathy and get “To Walk it is to See it”

This Podcast was Produced by Rainbow Creative with Senior Producer Matthew Jones, Producer Stephen Selnick, and Editor & Audio Engineer Rob Johnson. To learn more about making a Podcast for you or your business, visit

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09/08/23 • 31 min

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Wherever you look there’s a conversation about how people from different generations don’t get along. That’s why in this episode Alicia flips the script with guest Adjoa Michelle Saahene, speaker, inclusion strategist, wellness advocate, and founder of Legacy House. They discuss common struggles and how women of different ages can show up for each other and create a better world for the next generation of women.

Adjoa Michelle Saahene is a speaker, activist, and inclusion & wellness strategist. You may have seen her on Red Table Talk, read about her in Forbes, or read her contributions in HuffPost as a thought leader on diversity and inclusion. She’s created a network accelerator for changemakers to support each other in work and wellness through her retreat company, Legacy House. Apply for the Legacy House Retreat:


Adjoa’s IG page: @michellesaahene

2:10 - Who Should Women of Younger Generations Look to For Advice?

4:54 - The Best Advice Adjoa Ever Got

6:45 - The Benefits of Intergenerational Friendships

8:22 - How Can Women of Older Generations Give Advice to Younger Women?

10:55 - How are Millennials Impacting the Work Force?

14:05 - Dating and Relationships: How Does it Differ Across Generations?

18:53 - Less Women are Having Children, Why?

21:00 - Pregnancy and Parenting: How Our Experiences Differ

25:00 - Adjoa and Alicia Discuss the Age-Old Question: Can Women Have it All?

29:00 - How is Spirituality Impacting Women Today?

33:21 - What Can the Women of Gen Z Teach Older Generations?

35:00 - The Importance of Generations Working Together

39:52 - Where You Can Follow Adjoa and Join Her Community

This Podcast was Produced by Rainbow Creative with Executive Producer Matthew Jones, and Producer and Editor Sean Leviashvili. To learn more about making a Podcast for you or your business, visit

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


04/28/23 • 43 min

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The conversation around menstruation has become far more normalized since we were younger. But what about those of us nearing the end of that period (pun intended) of our lives? If you’ve ever laid awake at night drenched in sweat and felt like you had to suffer alone, then this episode is for you. Alicia talks with Dr. Mary Claire Haver, a board-certified OBGYN, with a Certification in Culinary Medicine and menopause specialist, about everything (and we mean everything) women should know about menopause.


Learn more about the Galveston Diet and purchase Dr. Haver’s book here:

Follow Dr. Haver:

TikTok - @drmaryclaire

Instagram - drmaryclaire and

Facebook - The Galveston Diet Mary Claire Haver, MD

YouTube - Mary Claire Haver, MD

LinkedIn - The Galveston Diet with Dr. Mary Claire Haver

As one third of women are currently in some phase of menopause, it is an essential aspect of women’s lives, yet so stigmatized and shrouded with shame and steeped in anxiety over aging that many women still don’t feel comfortable talking about their menopause journey with friends, family, and most crucially, their doctors. Kept in the dark, menopause becomes more difficult to understand and control, leaving many women to suffer in silence.

Dr. Mary Claire Haver is here to change all of that. Recently the Board Certified OB-GYN has set TikTok alight with an unlikely subject---menopause---amassing nearly 2 million followers by posting advice for women going through it. Dr. Haver understands that women’s healthcare is in dire need of a change. So often, when women talk to their healthcare providers about issues such as weight gain, sleep changes, hot flashes, and mental health issues, they are dismissed with platitudes like "it's just your hormones" or it's "just your age," and given the advice to "eat less and exercise more."

The problem has led Dr. Haver to develop The Galveston Diet, a three-pronged lifestyle plan that encourages fuel refocusing, intermittent fasting, and anti-inflammatory nutrition to manage hormonal symptoms, stabilize weight, and revitalize the body as it ages to provide benefits that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Haver has always had a passion for learning and a strong work ethic. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University Medical Center, and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas Medical Branch. In addition to her clinical work, she became an instructor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, has served as a Hospitalist, the Associate Residency Director and Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and is certified in Culinary Medicine by Tulane University School of Medicine.

  • :27 - Introduction to Doctor Haver
  • 3:00 - Why Is Medical Information Lacking Regarding Menopause?
  • 5:30 - Alicia Tells Her Personal Experience With Menopause
  • 6:15 - What Happens to Your Body During This Time? Does the Age of Onset Matter?
  • 8:00 - How Changing Your Diet Can Decrease Hot Flashes
  • 8:50 - How Does Menopause Vary Across Women of Different Backgrounds?
  • 9:35 - The Impact of Movement on Menopause Symptoms
  • 10:00 - Different Pharmacological Options for Managing Symptoms
  • 12:06 - All Women Will Have Different Experiences and They’re All Valid
  • 12:55 - Do Genetics Impact Menopause?
  • 15:00 - Dr. Haver and Alicia Talk About Vaginal Health
  • 17:30 - Treatments You Should Avoid
  • 19:45 - Audience Question #1: Are There Cancer Risks Associated With Hormone Replacement Therapy?
  • 23:29 - Audience Question #2: How Can You Maintain Sexual Wellness After Cancer Treatment?
  • 24:08 - Audience Question #3: How to Treat Depression Associated With Menopause
  • 26:00 - Audience Question #4: What Medical Tests Should Women Get Throughout Their Lives?
  • 28:17 - NIGHT SWEATS SOS
  • 30:15 - What Is the Timing Hypothesis?
  • 33:00 - New Scientific Findings About Menopause

This Podcast was Produced by Rainbow Creative with Executive Producer Matthew Jones, and Producer and Editor Sean Leviashvili. To learn more about making a Podcast for you or your business, visit

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05/12/23 • 35 min

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Between work, family and other obligations, making new friends as an adult is hard, but not impossible! In fact, there are even some perks to being older when making new friends (cliques still exist though, unfortunately).

On this episode Alicia chats with Amanda Jaggard, Partner and Executive Coach at Novus Global and Co-Founder of Novus Global’s Meta Performance Institute, about how to form meaningful friendships in this season of life. Learn the importance of being intentional in your decisions and mindful of how you show up as a friend.

Follow Amanda:

  • 00:19 - Intro to Amanda Jaggard
  • 2:00 - How to Make New Friends as an Adult, Be Intentional
  • 3:55 - How Self Awareness That Comes With Age Can Help You Build Meaningful Friendships
  • 6:26 - Amanda and Alicia Discuss the Importance of Their “Ride or Dies”
  • 9:20 - How Many Hours Does it Take to Make A New Friend?
  • 11:17 - Maintaining Friendships While Navigating Different Life Phases
  • 12:15 - Dealing With Adult Cliques
  • 13:45 - Why Everyone Can Benefit From Making New Friends as Adults
  • 15:05 - What is Your Friendship Language?
  • 15:40 - The Different Types of Friends and Why They’re All Valuable
  • 17:05 - The Benefits of Having Different Friend Groups For Each of Your Interests
  • 18:30 - Reconnecting With Old Friendships As The New Version of You
  • 21:00 - The Importance of Being Mindful About the Types of Friendships You’re Seeking
  • 23:00 - Amanda Makes A Confession
  • 24:40 - The Perks of Being An Adult When Making Friends, Yes They Exist!
  • 27:22 - Friendship Expectations Vs. Friendship Agreements
  • 30:09 - Are Your Friends Balcony People or Basement People?
  • 32:30 - How and Why You Should Be Mindful About How You Show Up As a Friend
  • 34:17: “Victiming Out”. What is it? And How Do You Get Out of it?
  • 36:34 - Why It’s Important to Have Friends That Disagree With You

This Podcast was Produced by Rainbow Creative with Executive Producer Matthew Jones, and Producer and Editor Sean Leviashvili. To learn more about making a Podcast for you or your business, visit

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


05/26/23 • 41 min

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06/09/23 • 37 min

On this episode, Alicia sits down with award winning designer and celeb stylist Rebecca Force to discuss fashion rules for women over 50 (hint: there’s not as many as you think!)

Learn how to edit your closet and get helpful tips for every piece in your wardrobe from shoes (including Crocs) to accessories.

Most importantly Rebecca talks about how the days of “dress your age” are long gone and that “if you’re comfortable and youre confident you look beautiful”.



  • :38 - Intro to Rebecca Force
  • 2:04 - Comfort is key and in defense of Crocs
  • 5:20 - How to edit your closet
  • 8:10 - What are some trends making a comeback?
  • 11:00 - Are any clothes off limits over 50?
  • 13:30 - How to take fashion from your favorite era but make it current
  • 17:30 - Yes, you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time
  • 18: 00 - The perfect alternative to flats for an elevated look
  • 21: 00 - The current state of stockings and hosiery
  • 23:00 - What’s the right length for pants and skirts?
  • 24: 30 - Why we need to stop sleeping on skorts
  • 25: 08 - Can women over 50 show their knees? If they want to!
  • 27:00 - The only rule when it comes to wearing leggings or jeggings
  • 28:00 - The best jeans for this season of your life
  • 30:00 - Alternatives to denim that are “pooch” friendly
  • 31:20: Cost conscious and sustainable shopping options
  • 32:00: The rules of accessories
  • 33:35: Rebecca’s styling process and how she helps her clients find their voice through clothes

This Podcast was Produced by Rainbow Creative with Executive Producer Matthew Jones, and Producer and Editor Sean Leviashvili. To learn more about making a Podcast for you or your business, visit

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


06/09/23 • 37 min

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If you’ve been to the gas pump or the produce aisle recently you’ve probably noticed that this is not your grandmother’s economy. That’s why in this episode, we’re talking about money honey. Alicia chats with Terri Jones, financial advisor, and licensed insurance agent about what women can do to maximize their financial potential so that they can live their best lives.


What would the Rockefellers do?

The Power of Zero

Money. Wealth. Life Insurance

The Retirement Miracle

  • :27 - Intro to Terri
  • :59 - Terri Discusses What She Learned About Finances at a Young Age
  • 2:59 - Financial Advice for Women in Their 20s and 30s
  • 6:12 - Financial Advice for Women in Their 40s
  • 6:46 - What Are High, Medium, and Low-Risk Investments?
  • 7:45 - Investing in Your Children: How to Set Boundaries and Have Difficult Conversations
  • 10:33 - The Importance of Speaking About Finances With Your Children - Do It Early!
  • 12:06 - How Does Money Work?
  • 14:26 - What Should You Set Aside for an Emergency Fund?
  • 18:41 - Tips for Working Within a Budget and the Importance of Checking Your Accounts Consistently
  • 23:07 - How to Plan for the Future: What Costs Are Going to Go Up
  • 28:39 - How to Leverage Cash Value Life Insurance to Support Your Retirement Fund
  • 31:20 - Best Practices for Working With Credit
  • 33:50 - Being Mature With Your Money: The Importance of Assessing Your Needs and Wants
  • 34:53 - How Your Finances Impact Other Aspects of Your Life
  • 38:21 - Removing the Shame Around Financial Instability: It’s OK to Ask For Help!
  • 40:44 - The Importance of Having a Will or Living Trust
  • 43:52 - Alicia Discusses a Very Specific Clause in Her Will

This Podcast was Produced by Rainbow Creative with Executive Producer Matthew Jones, and Producer and Editor Sean Leviashvili. To learn more about making a Podcast for you or your business, visit

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


06/23/23 • 46 min

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Check out this BONUS episode from a podcast I love, Peaches Podcast! Check out their show today here:

Host Misha McCleary chats with three millennial moms, Kizmik, Alexandria, and Catie, about each of their unique experiences throughout pregnancy in the 2020s. Together, they discuss the many challenges they face every day, as well as the rewards and joys pregnancy and motherhood brings to an individual.

The guests share their personal stories and talk about the vast differences of actual pregnancy, compared to how it is viewed in society.

The conversation covers a vast array of topics, including the struggle of their husbands not fully understanding the physical and emotional toll pregnancy takes on a person. They also delve into the topic of breastfeeding and how it is far less glamorous than the media makes it out to be.

Join us today as our insightful guests share life advice for fellow millennial mothers on how to navigate the many ups and downs of pregnancy in this day and age!

About Kizmik Odoms

Kizmik Odoms is a native of Albany, Georgia. Raised in a single-parent household, her mother made the decision to move their family to Atlanta in 2003 for enhanced educational exposure and experiences. She attended the University of Georgia for her Bachelor’s degree then proceeded to get her Master’s degree from Auburn University before returning to Atlanta. Upon her return, Kizmik pursued and still maintains a career as Quality Assurance professional. Her love for travel and serving others inspired her to become a travel advisor. Along with traveling, Kizmik enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and dogs.

About Alexandria Brown

Alexandria Brown is a born and raised Atlanta, GA native. She is a graduate of The University of Georgia (2014), Georgia State University (2017), and Morehouse School of Medicine (2021). She currently works as a Physician Assistant in the field of Psychiatry and loves helping her patients. She is the proud mother of a baby boy, Owen, and a fur mom to two dogs Ginger and Aspen. Alexandria, her husband Marcus, and their family currently reside just outside of Atlanta.

About Catie Thompson

Catie Thompson was born and raised in Winston, Ga, a small city west of Atlanta. She currently resides in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and twin boys (17 months old). She is the Director of International Operations Support for Focus Brands, Inc. and also owns a small business with her own twin brother, Sparks Twins Lawn Care LLC. Catie enjoys working out, binge watching true crime documentaries and Law & Order: SVU, and creating lasting memories with her family and friends. She is a graduate of The University of Georgia and a proud, and ACTIVE, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

This episode is produced with the support of Rainbow Creative. Learn more about them at

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


07/01/23 • 79 min

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Think it’s too late to change your life or career? Think again! On this episode, Alicia sits down with Sharon Norris Elliot, award-winning author, minister, broadcaster, and mentor to discuss how to approach pivoting your career in this stage of life. You’ll learn how to hone in on your calling and embrace your value. Remember: you are here for a purpose, you are significant, and no one can do what you do, the way you do it!


Sharon’s Website (where you can access all of her books and her AuthorizeMe program):

0:30: Introduction to Sharon Norris Elliot

2:00: How to Understand Your Intuition So That You’re Steered in the Right Direction

3:54: Factors That May Impact Your Intuition

7:34: Are You Thinking of Making a Pivot? It’ll Take a Minute

10:17: Four Ways to Determine Where You Should Pivot

22:06: The Importance of Remembering Your Unique Talent and Value

27:48: How to Invest in Your Vision and Pivot

35:49 - When and How to Make the Final Leap Into Your New Career

39:47 - How to Tackle (And Embrace) The Anxiety That Comes With a Career Pivot

46:45 - Reframing Failure

49:40 - How to Get Comfortable in Your Transition

53:51 - It’s Time to Dream Big and Ask God “Now What?”

57:20 - Sharon Shares Final Thoughts

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


07/07/23 • 62 min

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Yoga is for everyone regardless of their gender, race, size and you guessed it, age! In this episode, Alicia sits, stands, and does various asanas with Ja Cole, yogi and founder of The Yoga Co-op “The Tree” in southern LA. Learn how practicing yoga can have many positive benefits both inside and outside of the studio.


The Tree Yoga Cooperative:

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


07/21/23 • 16 min

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How many episodes does 50, Now What?! have?

50, Now What?! currently has 17 episodes available.

What topics does 50, Now What?! cover?

The podcast is about Sex, Adventure, Aging, Fitness, Podcasts, Education, Health, Business and Food.

What is the most popular episode on 50, Now What?!?

The episode title 'It's Never Too Late to Begin Your Fitness Journey with Traci Townsend' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on 50, Now What?!?

The average episode length on 50, Now What?! is 37 minutes.

How often are episodes of 50, Now What?! released?

Episodes of 50, Now What?! are typically released every 14 days.

When was the first episode of 50, Now What?!?

The first episode of 50, Now What?! was released on Oct 30, 2022.

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