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Jason N. Peters

This podcast series is a time capsule left for the people of 2100 to dissect and find with it what they want. Host Jason Peters is fascinated with the idea of time and the possibilities that come with time and new technologies. In this series Jason discusses the future of many subjects in hopes of becoming the most popular podcast of 2100.
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Host, Jason N. Peters went to Niagara Falls Canada & New York to interview the Mayor of Niagara Falls Canada & New York.

This episode is an introduction to The Niagara Falls Project, a 2-pronged sociological experiment. First, Jason asked Mayor Rob Restaino & Mayor Jim Diodati the same exact 21 questions to highlight the differences & similarities between two leaders.

The second part of the project: Jason Peters has gifted both Mayors physical time capsules that are to be kept in their respective City Hall's until 2100. These time capsules must be brought together in order to understand the hidden message.

Thank you & happy 2100. - @jpeters2100

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In this interview, Jason Peters speaks with Charles "Chuck" Coonradt - the man Forbes Magazine dubbed "the Grandfather of Gamification."

The two discuss how Chuck's book "The Game of Work" turned into the principle behind Silicon Valley's strategy to win your attention. This is a discussion about the evolution of an idea from 1985 - 2020 and into 2100.

These are cautionary tales about how ideas adapt.

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04/20/20 • 44 min

This episode leaves behind a list of the people of 2020's Favorite Things for the people of 2100. The primary guests are the We Love Philly Crew - reach them here for all of their charitable doings.

Official Guest List includes:

We Love Philly Kids & Carlos

Ant Brown

Greg Yeager

Sarah Ahmad

Katie Chiodo

Billie Proffitt

Jon Schmidt

Cynthia Chindamo

Chris Mustakas

James Meyer

Dana McGoldrick

Geronimo Pancake

Mayor Jim Diodati of Niagara Falls, CA

Booty from Booty&theKidd

Kierceton Keller

Scoop Cooper

Marlie Derstine

Teenagers from Thailand

Steve Chmelar

Dave Lisowski

Andrea Lopez

Robin Haijes

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04/13/20 • 45 min

Latif Nasser of WYN'c Radiolab joins host of 2100 - Jason Peters to unpack the intricacies of Guantanamo Bay for the people of the future. For some reason, the episode is also Jazz themed, blame Jason for that.

Make sure to check out "The Other Latif" on Radiolab, they truly do amazing work. Latif journeyed to Gitmo in search of another man named Latif Nasser who is being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

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In this episode of 2100 - host Jason N. Peters uses the Hahnemann Hospital Controversy as a lens to view the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic through. In this episode Jason tells the history of Samuel Hahnemann and the hospital with his namesake to journalist Colt Shaw.

We then go into the current controversy in which Joel Freedman and his private equity company refused to lend the hospital to the people of Philadelphia during this unprecedented disaster.


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In this episode, Jason Peters explores the growing phenomena of Gamification & catches up with a friend from home room he hasn't seen in seven years. The two of them have a "gamified interview" in which they must go year by year and recap their lives, each year only gets 5 minutes.

This episode features music by Booty&theKidd.

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This episode is the first episode of the Borders Series. This weeks guest is Loren Balhorn, a contributing editor for Jacobin Magazine & notable German history buff. We talk to him about his experience interviewing Egon Krenz, the last dictator of East Germany & to clarify the story of Germany for all of history.
Jacobin Article:
Music by Prezz Carter:

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03/09/20 • 3 min

This is not an episode - Jason Peters needed time to handle some podcast business.
The Borders series starts next week.

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03/01/20 • 51 min

In this episode, we attempt to speak about what the people of 2019 and 2020 are doing correctly. Host Jason Peters has almost nothing positive to say, so he let’s Geronimo Pancake 2.0 host the show! The guests are amazing - Darryl Reynolds of the 2016 National Champion Villanova Wildcats, author & prolific feminist / cultural critic Jamilah Lemieux, stand-up comedian Eric Schmidt, social media influencer Ashley Goyette, artist from the band Why? - Yoni Wolf, two men Jason met in Rittenhouse Square named Matt Ding and Quan.

There is an absurd amount of 4 Non Blondes featured in this episode.

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07/13/20 • 71 min

A monkey murder story (minute 31) & a police chase through a freight train (minute 51) are just two of the amazing stories shared from guests on this episode.

This episode touches places all over the map, Chumi Gonzalez essentially co-hosts while sharing stories from Paraguay & New York. Returning guest and inventor of the foam finger Steve Chmelar shares a story about stealing and British Pop-Artist, Romel, talks about getting bullies in Nigeria.

We touch Europe, Africa, South America, Iowa, and the East Coast with this one.

Romel knocked Drake off of the Pop Charts in the UK in June 2020.

Stream his single here -

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How many episodes does 2100 have?

2100 currently has 46 episodes available.

What topics does 2100 cover?

The podcast is about Society & Culture, Podcasts, Social Sciences, Science and Philosophy.

What is the most popular episode on 2100?

The episode title 'The Niagara Falls Project - Part One' is the most popular.

What is the average episode length on 2100?

The average episode length on 2100 is 55 minutes.

How often are episodes of 2100 released?

Episodes of 2100 are typically released every 7 days, 3 hours.

When was the first episode of 2100?

The first episode of 2100 was released on Jan 22, 2019.

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