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My podcast Market MakeHer PodcastThe self-directed investing education podcast demystifying the stock market from 'her' perspective. No financial jargon.https://marketmakeherpodcast.aweb.page/p/84d31045-a036-498f-bd08-7c3d3576fdfe
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Podcaster Q&A

Tell us about yourself – what is your background?

Hosted by two dynamic women: a finance expert, Jess Inskip and apprentice, Jessie DeNuit. Jess gave up her financial licenses to provide financial education and Jessie convinced her to start this podcast. Together, they are on a mission to bridge the financial literacy gap. Understanding builds confidence. Jess Inskip: 15 years of experience. Worked at Fidelity, Merrill and Scottrade. CNBC and FB regular. Jessie DeNuit: Investing apprentice. Asking all the questions and learning with you!

Why did you get into podcasting?

Jessie convinced Jess to start this podcast after Jess gave up her financial licenses. There is a huge problem in the industry where financial professionals are not permitted to create content outside of their brokerage firm. Jess took the risk to promote financial literacy and Jessie flipped the script and learns live! This creates a safe space to learn about investing as she asks the questions "you are too embarrassed to ask" (real listener review)

How did the idea for the show come about?

Jessie and Jess are real life friends. Jessie asks Jess about finance stuff all the time and now it is live learning! You learn with Jessie! We have fun analogies like relating the business cycle to the menstrual cycle or how an index is like an elite club with requirements for entry. The finance world isn't gatekeeping, it's just oversaturated with men, this is a new perspective, hers.

What do you hope listeners take from the show?

We want listeners to feel empowered. As individuals, we all learn differently. When you understand how the stock market works, it builds confidence and creates a solid foundation. Once you have the solid foundation, you can build your wealth dream home. Other podcasts cover budgeting, and expense management. WE ARE NOT THAT. We are your go to podcast for stock market education.

What's been the biggest challenge for you?

Honestly, competing with other podcasts hosted by self proclaimed money experts that have a huge following. These podcasts help people start investing, therefore it is dangerous to call them out. But market dynamics are shifting and these 'gurus' are missing this. We find this challenging to navigate and want to protect our community as a result.

How can your listeners support your show?

Leave a review! and share with your framily! We are a self funded podcast with minimal costs. At this moment, spreading the word and financial literacy will help us on our mission to bridge the investing gap! It begins with financial education.

Any future plans that you'd like to share?

Yes! we are listener centric and are creating an investing education newsletter and have a FaceBook community. Check out the links in our bio to sign up!

Anything else you'd like to share?

We prioritize our values over monetary gain. Support our mission by sharing the pod so we can continue to provide investing education and market insights from 'her' perspective.

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