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My podcast Infinite Prattle!I am Stephen, and I prattle, potentially, infinitely so some have said...www.stephenspeak.com
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Podcaster Q&A

Tell us about yourself – what is your background?

Hi I’m Stephen and I’m from the UK, Cheshire in England to be precise. I have full time day job on the railway and I Prattle as a sideline…

Why did you get into podcasting?

…to give my wife a break from listening to me Prattle, so I thought I’d share the joy instead. I also find it a very cathartic activity…

How did the idea for the show come about?

The show doesn’t have a theme so when a topic comes to mind the mic goes on and I hit record. I hope that the things I Prattle about people find as interesting and funny as I do.

What do you hope listeners take from the show?

I hope my listeners can relate, learn and just have a short spell of entertainment without too much thought the majority of the time- although some episodes do get a bit deep…

What's been the biggest challenge for you?

Knowing when to shut up or trying to cram too many thoughts into one episode…

How can your listeners support your show?

You can subscribe if you wish, but a like and a share would be perfect.

Any future plans that you'd like to share?

I am hoping to venture into video podcasting I have been experimenting recently with my guest episodes.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Just a thanks you to al My listeners and any future ones that decide to try my podcast. Cheers!

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