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24. Build resilience and well-being in your nursing team with Jenn Cochran

Menders: Love & Leadership in Health Systems

09/18/22 • 54 min

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For Menders episode 24, I had the opportunity to chat with Jenn Cochran, a Nurse Coach and the founder of Happy Whole Life. Jenn shared some of the lessons she’s learned from her years as a nurse and how she’s grown past some of the less helpful elements of the self-sacrificing nursing culture as she’s learned to care for her whole self.

Jenn shares her transformation experience from that “angry at the system nurse” to a nurse who is refreshed daily and delighted to do her job. And she attributes this transformation to boundary setting. Jenn’s story illustrates the power that we have to create transformation, even when we are working in challenging conditions and imperfect organizations.

And she highlights the power leaders have to care for their employees simply by taking the time to honor and value themselves. We can all model self-honoring actions for those around us. Our patients. Our employees. Our families.

Listen to find out:

· How focusing on her self-care was initially received by her nursing colleagues.

· Why focusing on nurses’ well-being is beneficial for the bottom line of healthcare organizations.

· And the simple strategies leaders can use to demonstrate that they value their employees!

I hope this conversation inspires you to take the time to value yourself and to consider what values your behaviors are modeling for those you care about.
Additional Resources:
You can find Jenn Cochran at Happy Whole Life and on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook

If you’re on this journey of doing internal work to transform yourself as a leader to maximize your impact on your healthcare system – I want something more for you. That is precisely why I got into working with healthcare leaders and leadership teams in the first place.

Join me for a complementary Mindfulness-Based Leadership Strategy Session ( where you’ll have a chance to consider your values and develop a strategy to realign your actions with your core values.

Contact me ( if you have questions or want additional details about this free Strategy Session. And keep in mind...because of the very special nature of this mindfulness-based work, just a few seats are available each month!


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