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S3E8: Personal monopolies, perspective, question behind the question

Human Evolution Project

05/18/22 • 59 min

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Show Notes:

  • (05:42): Curiosity creates uniqueness
  • (09:20): How do people influence and shape you?
  • (12:19): Writing, public speaking, and communication
  • (25:06): Would you like to visit the past or the future?
  • (32:02): Individual uniqueness
  • (41:49): Reflecting on your past, present, and future
  • (50:27): Describing questions behind questions

Resources mentioned:
Quote Notes:

"Curiosity is underrated". - Misbah

"What I say and what people hear are two different things". - Bryce

"It's a life you don't need to run away from." - Misbah
"Take what you need and leave the rest. "- Bryce

"You have to go through the experience in order to understand the past, and then develop the tools to play in the future." - Bryce

"Having the empathy to understand that we're all a bundle of stories, helps us create better connections helps us seek to understand the choices that people make." - Bryce

"Once you develop patience, you can practice the art of love." - Bryce

"Just be yourself, whatever that is. And know that that's enough ." - Bryce

"Do the right thing when nobody's watching." - Bryce

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