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Grow your business with clear messaging, with Orly Zeewy, MBA

Help! My Business is Growing

01/21/22 • 38 min

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Many businesses struggle to craft and deliver the right message for their target audience. Unfortunately, this struggle also has a very real impact on the financial health of a company. Poor messaging will not just confuse and possibly alienate the intended audience, but it is also equivalent to wasting money on a lot of marketing tactics that won’t work.

Clear and strong messaging that will engage customers to listen, trust - and try - a brand is crucial to the growth of the business. It can spell the difference between success - connecting with new customers, finding investors, attracting strategic partners, and the right team members - and failure to earn revenues and turn a profit.

So how can businesses harness the power of clarity and create messages that can effectively rise above the marketing clutter and reach their target audience?

In this episode of Help! My Business Is Growing, our guest Orly Zeewy unravels the "mysteries" of why (and how) creating a clear message that can help grow your business.

Orly, an author, keynote speaker, educator, and brand architect shares her experiences and insights on building the DNA of startup brands and creating messaging that helps founders cut through the noise and scale in months, not years.

In this week's episode, we discuss:

02:12 Why do a lot of businesses struggle (and waste money) getting effective marketing right?

07:21 What are the main differences between traditional and "lean marketing"?

11:19 How the idea of building and joining a community, a traditional aspect of the B2C space, has now entered the B2B space as well.

13:07 Is there a process - separate from the marketing exercise of coming up with the ideal customer persona - that helps companies define the ideal customer?

21:28 Insights about gated content

25:24 How to build relationships with potential strategic partners

29:08 Strategic partnerships as a brand extension

32:20 Tips on how to determine pricing within the sphere of clear messaging

36:02 What is the next tangible step that business owners and founders can take to get closer to crafting a clear and tight message that will resonate with their market?


Orly Zeewy, Author, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Brand Architect:

Orly's Book | Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups
Other Books Mentioned:
David Aaker | Building Strong Brands

Kathy Svetina, Fractional CFO:
Blog Post | Grow Your Business With Clear Messaging

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