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The Science of Happily Ever After with Ty Tashiro

Food Heaven Podcast

02/01/23 • 44 min

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NEW MONTH, NEW SERIES. This time we’re talking about relationships. Do you ever wonder what science has to say about maintaining a fulfilling long-term relationship? Today on the podcast, we interviewed acclaimed relationship scientist, Ty Tashiro. His book, The Science of Happily Ever After, shows how our decision-making abilities falter when choosing mates and how insights from social science can help us make smarter decisions.

You don’t want to miss an episode of our dating and relationships series! We are going to speak to everyone from Tennesha Wood the founder of the first ever matchmaking firm dedicated to black professionals, to Logan Ury the author of How Not to Die Alone & director of relationship science at the dating app Hinge. And of course we can’t talk about relationships without talking about divorce, so we will interview Chaute Thompson, a counselor who helps couples and families grow healthier relationships.

In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • What “happily ever after” really means
  • Why we only get 3 wishes for an idea partner
  • Why most people wish for the wrong things
  • Why the seeds of marital conflict can be traced back to your first dates
  • How to improve the quality of your existing relationship
  • Why is it so hard to date these days?
  • What is wrong with online dating?
  • What is the best age to get married?
  • What is the worst age to get married?
  • How to swipe smarter on dating apps.
  • What traits make a great life partner?
  • What is the number 1 trait to have in a satisfying relationship? Is being “nice” a bad thing in relationships?
  • What is a novelty seeker and why could that be a dealbreaking trait?
  • 3 things to look for successful online dating (hint: it’s not compatible zodiac signs).
  • Does wealth really matter in relationships?
  • Are soulmates real?
  • What does it take to make relationships work?
  • Should you feel a spark when dating?
  • 1 thing you can do NOW to improve your relationship.

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Please note that this episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct or indirect financial interest in products or services referred to in this episode.

Produced by Dear Media

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