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Liberty & Wine

Anne Fortier

<p> In this monthly podcast, Anne Fortier will take you on an intellectual tasting trip through a wide range of current issues as they relate to the foundational ideas and themes of a free society. </p> <p> Anne and her guests will dive into economics, history, evolutionary psychology, social sciences, and much more . . . all the while enjoying a glass of wine. It is Anne’s belief that—now more than ever—we must continue to have these conversations to appreciate the role human freedom has played, and still plays, in our quest for a better world. </p> <p> A new episode is released the first Monday of each month, available through all major podcast platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Ballados, and Podcast Addict. </p> <p>Mr. David Salerno made this initiative possible through his founding donation.</p> <p>https://www.libertyandwine.com</p>


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