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Just Keep Learning Podcast

Justin Nolan, JustTries

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The Just Keep Learning Podcast will help you learn to achieve your big dreams. Host Justin (Aka @JustTries) interviews experts in their field, and creates solo lessons to help you with growth mindset, business, vulnerability, and goal setting.


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09/13/22 • 54 min

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Arielle talks about the journey of formal education in her life. She went from being more reserved and lacking confidence to finding her true passions and believing in herself more.

She opens up about being diagnosed with a nonverbal learning disability in her early years. This also lead to some traumatic memories of being removed from class for needing more help with math. Even though it’s meant to help, in her case, and probably most cases, it did more harm than good.

Through post-secondary education and entering the workplace, she was able to better connect with her passions in the real world and her confidence grew. One of these big passions was geography. The other one, was podcasting.

We talked about being a multi-passionate person and how it’s ok to have so many interests. We found out the extent of organization systems Arielle uses and some of her interests. She has many new passions from TikTok, to checking out new food, mapping, rollerblading, tennis, soccer, and of course anything new in the world of podcasting.

Like always, there were some awesome surprise tidbits in the conversation. We learned how she broke her elbow and her Apple Watch called 911. Arielle also shared that she is pretty much vegan, loves storytelling and is a geography expert. Arielle has an incredible mindset and approach to life. She is the absolute definition of a lifelong learner.

Memorable Quotes

“If you have an idea for a podcast. Awesome. Great. Think about why it should be a podcast first.”

“I Love Podcasts. When I started listening, I just became exposed to all of these new people and all of these new stories that I had not been aware of beforehand.”

“I am constantly challenged to come up with new ideas. I love marketing concepts and I love connecting with people about how to tell their stories.”

13 Things To Remember When You Start Your Podcast

  1. Know your why. Not just from a philosophical, motivational standpoint. Know why it should be a podcast. Could it be a different medium? What about podcast specifically do you think is valuable to tell this story, or share this information? Make sure it is best as a podcast, it can be easier to test YouTube, or blogs first to see if you want to keep investing time and energy into it.
  2. Decide on a format. Is it going to be you interviewing a guest; you and a co host interviewing; you and someone else having a conversation; a panel of guest; or a solo, scripted show; or perhaps a combination? Get some clarity on the format, template and structure of an episode.
  3. If it’s an interview show make a long list of the people you would want to interview and send as many pitch emails as possible. You will get no’s, but no’s lead to yes’s and everything happens for a reason.
  4. Continually and consistently put out content to continue to grow your show. Creating traction comes from consistency, so be sure to build systems that allow you to bank episodes and upload regularly. Create your show like a podcast assembly line.
  5. What investments can you make up front for the show that allow for you to focus on what you do best, or to make things more streamlined? For example, hiring an editor can free you up to be the talent on the show. But, this also depends on the style of your show. With a regular conversation, the editing work is not complex, keep it simple, clean up the sound a bit, remove a few awkward pauses and hit publish. If you have a very pre-scripted, polished and produced series, then the editing will take hours to complete. It’s all about knowing what your brand message is when it comes to the style of creative you are going for. But overall being aware of how much time, or money you have to invest in the show and the next best investment is valuable.
  6. Over communication with your listeners is valuable because clarity is key. As you grow an audience and want to build a community there is no room for confusion. Publish with a rhythm and cadence that is clear and people can easily understand. When can people find the latest episode? Will you be changing formats and how will your audience know? You want to build connection by being transparent and involving your audience. Let them know what you are doing. If the audio is a bit messed up in an episode, let them know up front. If you are bringing two guests on instead of one, or doing some solo rants, let them know. Communicate any new developments, or challenges with your audience.
  7. The audio quality must be stellar. It is really hard to get away with audio that doesn’t sound good. Whether this means practicing editing tools, or hiring someone to do it for you, ensuring audio quality doesn’t interfere with listening enjoyment should be a top priority.
  8. Choose a podcast hosting site. There are many, but use one of the popular ones because it will be stra...

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Develop An Abundant, Creator Mindset

Just Keep Learning Podcast


11/18/22 • 10 min

Vitality is needed to dream big. In the last episode, we defined mindfulness and shared 21 quick mindfulness activities you could implement right away to help you live with more vitality.

I wanted to start with that because it was actionable from day one. But understanding more about your mindset shift is really helpful to make large, lasting changes.

So today we will dive a bit deeper into the science that helps us make a deeper mindset shift and hear some quick clips from a few gurus in the mindset space that really helps explain what I’m saying.
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11/11/21 • 62 min

Our guest today has a ton of experience in social media and content creation, especially video. She has worked as an assistant to big time Youtubers, created content for American Ninja Warrior and even turned down work with the Ellen show.

Karla Gregg named her Youtube Channel “What Would Karla Say” because she has a huge passion for lifelong learning, personal development and goal setting. Even though Youtube has not been her full time focus, she definitely is an expert in how to grow a YouTube channel. She learned a lot of this through her own trial and error. But, she also worked as an assistant to Joey Graceffa, learning a ton about building a YouTube brand behind the scenes.

Karla is a heart-felt, and vulnerable personal brand coach. Her work and experience focuses on storytelling, video content strategy and defining your brand. If you’re ready to embrace your spark and turn your personal story into a marketable brand, then she is one of the best to guide you.

She is the founder of a courage based weekly newsletter at, the courageously you collective, and creator of the YouTube channel What Would Karla Say? Much of her focus in the last couple years has been on speaking, coaching and creating resources for people in the area of entrepreneurship.

While she started her career with aspirations to work as a social media manager for big brands, it was the classic story of being laid off from work that led her to being a business owner. She gives credit to people like Tim Ferris, Marie Forleo and Jen Sincero when it comes to building her foundation as a personal brand expert.

We talk a lot in this episode about following your own path. It feels scary to be an entrepreneur, but that fear is the exact evidence that you are on the right track. The question is how do you not give up when you are faced with challenges?

Throughout the episode Karla opens up about struggling with her own vision and patience. She mentions how many times she probably would have succeeded in a passion area if she went with her gut and cared less about what people think. She talks about how simple it would be to take the easier, conventional path, but how that doesn’t make her come to life.

Karla has always used the catchphrase “create your own path” and you’ll understand why after listening to this episode. She also gives so many great tips on being a badass business owner and starting a YouTube channel for the first time.

12 Tips To Help You Get Started On YouTube

1. Create content you're excited to edit. You may want to edit a particular theme, teach a topic, or tell certain stories. Don’t edit a video just because you think it might get views, you’ll give up, or you’ll burn out quickly.

2. Find your unique brand story. What are your values, personality traits, stories and passions? Put those together and your audience will feel connected to you.

3. Every video should provide value. It should entertain, empower or educate. Even if you're not monetizing yet, you're still building a community who supports you.

4. Have a consistent structure and flow. I tend to give like 15 seconds of what the video will be about. I'll share some form of hook, or activation. And then I’ll do a funny, or creative montage with music, or B-roll and music. And then I'll hop into the main points and story, followed by some element of conclusion, or recap.

5. Write a script. Not an elaborate novel for a Morgan Freeman like voiceover. Have three main points and stick to them so you’re not rambling on.

6. Find the balance of engagement and education. It's all about personality, so don't just sit there and waste people’s time for fifteen minutes blabbering about nothing. There is a mid-point between being a teacher and lacking energy, find that.

7. Have a strategy mindset. If you are strategic you will succeed. If you study up on trends, keywords, captions, descriptions, and comment best practices, PLUS add personality, you’ll win. Don’t forget to treat thumbnails, and titles like a researcher. What works and what doesn’t?

8. Define your niche. As much as it is fun to inject overall personal interests, there should be a specific reason that someone would search your channel. What is your overarching purpose, or topic?

9. Define your sub-niche. A specific video should be able to be searched by a keyword that people are actually looking for in search engines. Once you find related keywords you will also have more ideas for things to include on your channel. A quick personal example:
I made a video of me having pizza with my friends. I called the video "having pizza with friends". Nobody is searching for that. But if I say “best pizza place in Philadelphia”, people come across my video and all of a sudden it is a fun video of me trying the best pizza places with friends, they could be like, I like this girl and chann...

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Episode Notes
Helen tells the story of how she first became involved in working with inmates on death row. She let’s us hear how she got to know her first few clients and how tough it was. At times Helen chokes up thinking about the things she witnessed in her career that brought her to work with many people she would get to know quite well and then have to watch them be put to death in the electric chair.
Her experiences on death row lead her to a life mission of trying to abolish the death penalty. It’s the old adage that while the crimes people commit are horrendous, two wrongs don’t make a right. Furthermore, there is a deep layer of systemic racism, poverty, and mental illness that creates a socio-economic link to those who are likely to end up on death row.
The fact the death penalty was such a hot topic, combined with her personal experience, Sister Helen knew it was part of her mission to write a book in order to educate the public. Dead Man Walking was not only a best selling book, but it also went on to become an academy award-winning film, and popular theater play.

Helen is a great role model for creating deep, intrinsic meaning in your work. She has been working tirelessly since the 1980’s toward educating people about murder, the death penalty, and compassion.

She speaks openly in the episode about her struggles while doing this line of work and shares that the most challenging hurdle was figuring out how to support victim’s families. While it has been a lifelong seesaw, with many conflicts, no one could argue that she has done absolutely incredible work to remind all of us how we should strive to live our best lives.

Sister Helen is an incredible storyteller, inspirational speaker, and teacher. While we spent the majority of time discussing death row and what it takes to have compassion for someone who has committed such terrible crimes, we also touched on a number of other subjects. We talked about the importance of learning, how to help people regain their lives if they’re given a second chance after jail, and how similar we are, no matter what people see on the outside.
10 Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Compassion

  1. We are all 99.9% identical. This connection between people is the secret of life. It is what makes everything hum and come to life.
  2. Empathy is an appreciation for others. You can not be “in their shoes”. You haven't been through what they've been through. You can hear what they’re saying and feel with you. You can walk with them, and go through things with them.
  3. Keep your promises. Most people who require forgiveness in the first place have trouble being trustworthy. Be sure to only make promises that you can keep. Keep your work, show consistency and do not waiver as you build trust.
  4. Be unconditional in your forgiveness. The root of “forgive” is the Latin word “perdonare,” meaning “to give completely, without reservation”. There is no need to hold back. Hurtful acts and forgiveness are two separate events.
  5. Be patient in waiting for “sorry”. The forgiver chooses when they feel sorry. Everyone heals according to their own timeline. You do not choose when someone forgives you. So be prepared to wait. But you can choose to forgive others and steer toward peace immediately.
  6. Every relationship is mutual. We’re not the wonderful, generous people, forgiving the poor, weak, wounded human beings. They give us a lot too. All human exchanges provide mutual gifts in some way.
  7. Create programs, groups, classes, or partnerships that allow for people to be on a similar playing field. There is so much unlevel ground and unfair advantages in society. Given equal circumstances you would be tested in a way that would lead you to do that too. So level the playing field when you forgive and get to know someone.
  8. Rewards and punishment won’t change the root cause of behavior. We must strive to keep innocent people safe. And, we must hold people accountable. The question is “what does accountability look like?” How do we define accountability? Remember that the wrongdoing is separate from the best course of action for next steps.
  9. Everyone has a reason, but not an excuse for their behavior. Some may have a learning disability, trauma, addiction, mental illness, poverty, lack of sleep, malnutrition, or immaturity. If your brain's ability for effective judgment is impaired. It’s impaired, as simple as that.
  10. Give everyone a voice and choice. There is dignity simply in being human. Not because of any results, or circumstances. But, simply in being human we should have input into our lives and decision making.

Memorable Quotes
“Find work and purpose in your life and do what you love. Do what you love. Let what you love be what you do to find purpose and do what you love. Not to try to make a lot of money and all...

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08/31/20 • 46 min

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Buster talks about the rise as a broadcaster, blogger, and business owner all before the age of 16. He’s built a social media giant in Hoopsnation and works with the NBA, record labels, athletes, and artists to increase their digital impact. We got to talking about school, dealing with the haters, how to start as a rapper and building businesses from a young age. But most importantly, how to follow your dreams while being a good person along the way.

Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Keep in mind that we link these companies and their products because of their quality.
Best Remote Interview Recording Software: Squadcast

So, who better to kick The LEARNED Podcast off than someone who started building a pretty badass basketball media company from the age of 14?

I believe strongly that there is no such thing as a self-made person. In this episode, Buster Scher talks about this when it comes to how important collaboration is.. We discussed the idea that the music we loved growing up always brings us back.

We didn’t spend too much time discussing Buster’s come up, because it’s been so well documented in previous podcasts. You can check out a great episode from Jacob Kelly’s, “My Social Life Podcast” for example where they go over some of these great beginnings.

It was really powerful to hear Buster tell us how Seth Godin. Yes, THE Seth Godin, was the person who predicted Buster would start his career without going to college. Not only did it become the reality, but he’s also done quite well without it.

We talk about this notion for a little while about whether or not college is valuable. In my opinion, if you know a program that requires specific training, then it is a must.

Buster talks about how over-priced formal education is when it comes to the amount of time wasted and the price versus what you learn. He has some great ideas about what we should teach, such as networking in third grade. He also brings up the fact that curation may be the key to helping people learn in a digital world.
Maybe we won’t learn a lot of academic things on social media, but we don’t have to learn them from a college. So, where could we learn them from? Perhaps the key is people curating great learning so that people know where they can go to learn, from the best, for free, or close to it.

Right now, the only thing everyone has to do, aside from food is learning, and so we discuss how eventually major brands and corporations will take over education. It seems inevitable.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Buster brings us into his mindset when he goes on to talk about how important it is to find your passions, discover what you love and really pursue it full speed. He says this was one of the main reasons why “bullying” didn’t impact him as much as it could have, because he was always so grateful with being able to try to do what he loves and tune the rest out.

When discussing the potential struggles with drugs and alcohol that youth face, Buster brought up a very important point. That we need to put people into more positions where their goal is so important to them that they will decide more and more often to choose to take the more efficient route. To do things that will help them achieve that goal.

A powerful moment was when Buster talked about enjoying what you do so much that the process is the fun part, not the end result. This is coming from someone who has millions of followers across multiple social media platforms, yet still practices what he preaches.
Buster is a big believer that the majority of things we do when we find our true passions are enjoyable. There will always be additives that aren’t as exciting, but if we audit life we definitely should enjoy seventy-five percent of it.

The humble nature that Buster brings to collaboration is truly incredible. Leveraging that level of being a great teammate makes it pretty obvious as to why he is rising to the top of the online business game.
Here are some things that came up in the episode that would help anyone looking to start their own online business.

Keys To Building A Business

  • Collaboration is so important from a growth standpoint because it allows you to reach other audiences you may not have otherwise and teamwork makes things way more fun.
  • Paying attention to the market is one of the first most important things you should do when starting in online business. Pay attention to those who are successful doing something similar to what you want to do. Study what they do and why they’re s...

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Why Just Keep Learning?

Just Keep Learning Podcast


09/25/22 • 9 min

In episode two we get right into the learning!
How can the Just Keep Learning Mindset will help you get over that annoying imposter syndrome feeling?

We talk about the idea that we are all on our own journey. We also talk about Ariana Grande's song and what it can teach us about learning.

Speaking of which we also mention why learning and being a kid for life is so much more important than school.


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This episode will help anyone trying to find their way in life. Especially if you want to start a business online. Irina coaches people to get clarity over their business goals and get started. She prides herself on helping people find full alignment and the pragmatic steps to getting those goals.
Irina has a unique backstory that involves moving to a new country. She had to overcome a lot to learn the culture, build social networks and learn the language. Yet, in spite of the challenges, she was able to get an MBA and build a successful business.

If anyone truly believes the idea that we are all unique and have gifts that we should share it’s Irina Buse.

Our episode 7 guest, Irina Buse truly understands what it means to overcome adversity en route to achieving your goals. She is a great example for people who want to pursue their own passions but don’t know where to start.

She has an incredible resume when it comes to helping people get clarity over what they want to do in life. She has specific skills in supporting people who want to be their own boss. One of her greatest strengths is making business simple and practical for people.

While she has a lot of corporate experience and an MBA, she prefers her work as an entrepreneur. Irina is a speaker, coach and consultant that supports people in finally taking that leap to pursue their dream work.

She has quite the backstory of living in Romania during difficult political times, emigrating to Canada and having to start over, but really making a pretty special comeback.

You don’t have to look any further than the testimonials on her website to know how many people she has helped. Like all of our guests, she is an inspiring example of pursuing your passions, doing what you love first, while worrying about money second, and most importantly, being a good person along the way.

In episode 7 of The Just Keep Learning Podcast, we talked about growing up with struggles, resilience and building a coaching business. Hope you enjoy!

Keys To Keep In Mind As A New Business Owner

When you start a business, the key is to start really simple. Here are some steps

  • Know your why and what that accomplishment would mean to you
  • Realize that “failing” is going to happen a lot and it’s actually learning
  • Get crystal clear on the community and audience you want to serve
  • Understand all of the possible ways you could serve them
  • Serve that community as much as possible for free
  • Pick one of those ways and sit with the idea a bit so you know it’s for sure
  • Share that with your community, and build testimonials, and referrals around that offer
  • Get feedback and revise that offer, price, marketing strategy etc.
  • Share the offer renewed, revised and continue to build the business by serving
  • Once that idea is established and automated you can move on to the next one

Memorable Quotes

“When a baby learns to walk, you don’t get mad at failure. You celebrate the first step. But this is not how we function in regular life because we think that only success should be celebrated. It’s way more important to fail and learn than to get it right, because it helps us learn.”

“Everybody should try to start a business. You don’t know if you are made to be an employee, or you are made to be an entrepreneur. Everyone should try. Because, it’s like your first relationship trying to find love. You need to give things a try to know.”

“The way we conventionally measure time has nothing to do with our growth path. I think there is value in everything, because there is a lot of value that people can offer at any age. There is a huge difference between someone who is 14 and someone in their eighties.”
“It will work when people need it. It doesn’t even matter what it is, but if people want it, it will work. It’s that simple.”

“If you serve first and do it right, you won’t have to worry about money, you will have lots of money.”

Guest Bio

Irina is a mindset coach specializing in supporting people to become their own boss by the power of their mind and emotions. Initially trained for the business world, she completed her formal education in business management, got her MBA and worked in different corporations for 20 years.
Her passion is being close to people, feeling their story and helping them build the conditions for long lasting transformation.

She changed careers in her late 30’s becoming a certified health coach empowering women from all walks of life.

The programs she runs are around the concepts of spirituality, diet, mind management, habit change, communication and holistic, green living.

This is the foundation for realizing your dreams. Be and stay in shape, without stressful effort and make peace with the worries, ...

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08/18/21 • 55 min

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Our guest today stresses that now more than ever it is time for you to stop hiding and unleash your badass self. She stresses that just keep learning attitude in her own life. In this episode, we have some great conversations about priorities, authenticity and what really matters in life. She is an entrepreneur that wears her heart on her sleeve. Her priority is lending a hand to those in need. And she is an inspiring example of pursuing your full passions, while making some great money in the process.

Our guest in this episode, Stephanie Powell, truly understands what it means to pivot and reposition herself in life. She started out really not knowing what to do, got into education for thirteen years and still wasn’t sure. After trying a couple things based on her interests and following her omens she took a leap of faith to become a leader in business.

She has an incredible resume when it comes to helping people get clarity over what they want to do in life. And she has a specific skillset for helping people build personal, or company brands that have impact. She is a designer and coach who uses an all encompassing approach to outline and implement brand strategy for her clients. From the logo to the colours and messaging she knows how to help people show up for their audience in a bold, yet authentic way.

She is also a lifelong learner with big goals to become a speaker, continue to build her company and give back to those in need. Like all of our guests, she is an inspiring example of pursuing your passions, doing what you love first, while worrying about money second, and most importantly, being a good person along the way.

In episode 8 of The Just Keep Learning Podcast, we talked about growing up with struggles, resilience and building a badass business. Hope you enjoy it!

How To Figure Out What To Charge In Your Business
When you start a business, the key is to focus on breaking even as you build your brand. Here are some steps to figure out what that looks like:

  • With service based businesses in particular you have some flexibility when it comes to deciding on and evolving prices.
  • Sit down and write down all of your overall expenses (personal cash flow needs + business expenses)
  • Once you have this total you know your break even point and the minimum monthly money you must make in the business.
  • Multiply this number by 12 to get your annual revenue minimum
  • Working backwards, decide on your minimum amount per service hour to account for break even plus any profit and reinvestment amount you would like (how many hours do you need to work per week to achieve this annual goal?)
  • Take that hourly, or service based rate to the market and test it.
  • Get feedback and adjust accordingly.
  • This method seems simple, it’s just math, but take the time to apply it to the products and services you roll out to make sure it is sustainable.

How To Build A Personal Brand As A Speaker And Thought Leader
Ultimately it takes time, patience, networking and consistent brand development, but these steps will help you book more speaking gigs if that is your goal:

  • Recognize what stories you could tell. And realize that everyone has a valuable story. Our stories are not more, or less valuable than each other, they’re just different.
  • Appreciate that you likely will need some revenue, or savings to pursue this passion in the early stages as the brand grows.
  • Start putting your stories out there. Connect with audiences on social media, enter speaking contests, speak as much as possible for free, and be a guest on podcasts, or lives where you can share the story.
  • The key is to practice your storytelling, refine the stories and improve your comfort speaking. Get feedback and continue to adjust the way you tell stories, as it is a lifelong development process.
  • Once you feel ready to charge, fix up your website to include a speaker’s reel, some testimonials and a contact me page. Share this information with as many people as possible.
  • Continue to gain experience speaking, while taking the content from those speaking engagements and sharing it on social media. Be patient and repeat this process with links back to your website and the brand will scale.

Memorable Quotes
“I do believe everybody needs a website, because even if you don't ever sell anything, just think about how we operate. What's one of the first things we do? If we want to think about doing business with someone, we Google them and websites are the most important piece of Google content”

“To find your passion, you have to try things. If you’re stuck, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and can focus. Grab a good old fashioned pen or pencil and a piece of paper, or journal and start li...

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09/19/21 • 57 min

Our guest today stresses that life is simply better when we are working in areas connected to our passion. He destroys the idea that sales, or marketing are bad and helps us realize why it’s such an important part of seeing out our visions to help people.
Daniel Peretz, truly understands what it means to run multiple businesses. The idea of being an entrepreneur in a small way scares a lot of people off, but Daniel is an entrepreneur with many businesses.

Daniel opens up about how he got into entrepreneurship, the things he learned along the way and how anyone can do it with the right mindset. While it may not be for everyone, entrepreneurship could be for anyone. You just have to realize that you will fail and learn. You have to realize that there is no such thing as balance, rather compartmentalization that will really help you thrive.

He has an incredible resume when it comes to helping other businesses, or individuals in the creator economy achieve success. One of the most interesting things about Daniel is his ability to be open to the next idea as well. A true entrepreneur and lifelong learner.

With this attitude, you can be sure that Daniel’s brand will continue to grow and being a part of the journey is pretty awesome. Like all of our guests, he is an inspiring example of putting family first, continuing to pursue your passions, and making a lot of money in the process, but most importantly, being a good person along the way.

In episode 9 of The LEARNED Podcast, we talked about learning styles, online education, being in the military, balancing family life, and building businesses. Hope you enjoy it!

How To Be An Entrepreneur And Build Passive Income:

When you start a business, the key is to focus on the lifestyle you want and continually build toward that vision. Here are some steps to get started:

  • Goal one is to appreciate that you have to sacrifice a lot in the beginning.
  • The best way to start is to ask what lifestyle do you want in the end?
  • Then reverse engineer that process into small goals. What small goals would lead to eventually and actually generating passive income for you?
  • Avoid all the things that are distracting, shiny ideas and stay focused by building habits and systems that keep you healthy and on task.
  • Remember it takes time, but keep learning and keep going
  • Don’t worry about what you think will work. Focus on the people you serve, they will show you what will be successful. They are the key to success.
  • Make sure you stay positive in terms of cashflow, but decide with any given project whether the goal is to build revenue, or brand, or both.
  • There is no juggling. You have to compartmentalize so you can focus on fitness when you’re working out, focus on family when it’s family time and business when it’s business time.
  • Again, really focus on who your audience is and what solution they would like you to provide them. Do this with one product, or service at a time and then add more.
  • Sell first in a way that allows you to really test if something will be successful so you don’t waste time, or energy as you fail and learn quickly
  • When it’s time to grow your business, there are multiple ways, but I am a big fan of hiring micro influencers. To be honest many marketing strategies can work, you just need to test them out.

Memorable Quotes
“Say you’re selling a tie-dye shirt. Depending on your budget, I would look at nano, or micro-influencers, you know, anywhere between 5000 to 100,000 followers. In my opinion, it's cost-effective, and if you find the right one who has the right audience, then right away you're focused on your niche.”

“Look, you're not going to start this three, four months from now and start putting up one hundred videos in one day. You might as well start it now. Give yourself a platform and build over time.”

“There is no juggling. You have to compartmentalize. One for your sanity. And two, it's important that you give attention to your kids. Just like if I asked, would it be important for you to give attention to your business, you would say, hell, yeah, of course, it's important to me. Well, the same thing goes for kids. Same thing goes for your family. Give attention to them and put it in your calendar.”

Guest Bio

Daniel Peretz is the CEO at Click Connect Media, supporting businesses in growing media, brand, marketing and advertising. He has delivered millions of leads to local businesses through a business called Grow My GMB and built Tokfluence an influencer search database.
He is a speaker, business strategist, sales and marketing expert. As a family man, his goal is to build awesome businesses if his foundation of family, friends, and health is there first.

There’s always a ne...

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For the longest time, I pursued goals because I thought they were the right things to chase, not really knowing if I personally, truly believed in them.

I quit working in the fitness industry to pursue a career as a teacher.

I did my Masters in Educational Leadership & Learning.

I climbed the ladder of formal rewards to become a Principal in schools.

While I’m grateful for many of these accomplishments, in each of them there was an element of “this is what I am supposed to do”.

It wasn’t until I was well into creating the Just Keep Learning Podcast that I realized how different it feels to pursue the goal that I personally am driven by.

And I want that exact same feeling for you.

In order to have that exact same feeling though, it can help to understand a bit about why we may not be in control in the first place.
**For the full written version of episode see the transcript.

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