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Utah State University Office of Research

Presented by USU’s Office of Research, Instead is a digital bridge to span social-distance, allowing you to listen in on conversations with USU researchers and learn how Utah’s researchers move our state forward as new challenges circle the world.

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Wyatt plays some of the best clips that didn't make the cut from past episodes. This episode features a little bit of everything.
Dr. Tammy Proctor tells us about the birth of the Girl Scouts, and their role in WWI. Listen to her full episode
Dr. Patrick Singleton explains how we can all hate bikes a little less. Listen to his full episode surrounding commuting during COVID-19 here
Dr. Breanne Litts gives her opinion on the best practices for the online classroom. Listen to her full episode about the future of virtual learning here
Dr. Todd Johnson illustrates his vision for the future of the Intermountain West. Listen to his full episode where he lays out his plan to redefine Pocatello here
Dr. Courtney Flint explains why the Intermountain West is so special. Listen to the episode that started it all here

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