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The DHINCast is a new podcast by the Delaware Health Information Network that will help listeners learn and hear about news and changes in the world of Health Information Exchange. Join hosts Garrett Murawski and Michael MacDonald, both Business Relationship Managers for the DHIN as they have conversations with guests regarding new developments in the healthcare industry and the Health Information Exchange field as it continues to evolve. About DHIN: DHIN creates efficiencies for doctors, patients, practices, and those who send them clinical information. It eliminates the need for slower and more expensive delivery methods. Most importantly, DHIN improves patient care, enhances patient privacy, and improves practice efficiency. Delaware Health Information Network’s roots reach back to 1997 when the Delaware General Assembly enacted the organization as a public/private partnership. The objective was, and remains today, to advance the creation of a statewide health information network that addresses our state’s needs for timely, reliable and relevant health care information. In 2007, DHIN “went live” – meaning it became the first operational statewide health information exchange in the nation. Through the years, DHIN has developed a consistent track record for the safe and secure delivery of clinical results (lab and pathology), reports (both radiology and transcribed), and face sheets (hospital admission, discharge, and transfer data, including demographic and billing information).


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