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Design By Committee

Justin Davis and Matthew Grocki

Design By Committee is a live, call-in show answering your questions about UX, product design, content, research and anything else releated to tech, hosted by two industry veterans with two decades of experience designing, building and launching tech products.

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We're joined this week by Eileen Webb, director of strategy at Webmeadow, a consultancy that helps companies develop content and technology strategies that fulfill their missions to make the world a better place.

Covered in this week's show:

  • Justin has a friend who runs an agency, and is sometimes called "hard to work with" because he tries to offer some critical feedback and hard questions during the sales process. Is there a place for consultative selling, or is it a waste of time?
  • The importance of plain language in helping people to find your content and understand it
  • Why audio-based content should always have transcripts attached
  • How to sell accessibility to the business by speaking their language
  • The importance of internal accessibility - ensuring that the backend of your site or app is just as accessible as the frontend
  • How to make projects more accessible by accommodating project members' needs and building some flex into your project timelines and approach

This episode is jammed with amazing insights from Eileen that you don't want to miss!

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Abby Bajuniemi joins us on this week's show to kick off a month all dedicated to accessibility! Abby has a Ph.D. in Hispanic linguistics, and sits down with us to talk about accessibility, using language more effectively, and the problem with chatbots.

Included in this show:

  • Why should designers, product managers, marketers and developers care about conversation and conversation theory?
  • The damage that can be done using automated voice assistants incorrectly
  • How we create meaning using language, and how it's much more than just the words being used
  • How the internet has created new ways for us to use language (both good and bad)
  • The wide definition of being "accessible"
  • Use of plain language, and how jargon and flowery language is damaging our communication
  • How the educational system contributes to poor communication
  • The difficulty of automated translations
  • Use of chatbots, and how to think carefully about implementing them in an accessible way
  • The importance of thinking critically about who your audience really is (they're not all just like you)
  • Using guerrilla usability testing to test language and messaging to ensure you're serving your audience correctly
  • Why chatbots should just own up to being robots, and stop pretending to be people
  • And much, much more!

Join us on the show by emailing us at Whether you'd like to come on the air and give us your thoughts, ask us a question, or just provide your feedback via email, we'd love to hear from you!

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This week, we take on a bevy of topics from user research to compliance with special guest Kyle Soucy of Usable Interface, including:

  • User testing content
  • Public speaking tips
  • The importance of telling stories with research
  • How to manage user research in an increasingly agile world
  • Why does design get so much more interest from stakeholders than content?
  • Common issues with client content production
  • ADA compliance and an increase in lawsuits around it, including some thoughts about how it might spur a new cottage industry of web inspectors
  • The first steps any organization interested in research should take

Join us on the show every week by emailing or calling 813-485-4866. Make sure to subscribe and share!

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In this episode of Design by Committee, we chat with Ryan Wilson from Axe and Tiller! Topics include:

  • The new rules of golf, and how tech might be used to ease such a big transition
  • How we can use data to actually drive innovation, and move past simple reporting
  • Balancing being visionary and grounded, and using data to help
  • The dangers of video-based research, and the upside of using diary studies for research
  • The trouble with surveys, and ideas about how to better collect feedback
  • Retail experience design

We'd love to have you as part of our show! Call in at 813-485-4866 or email to join us and chat about your questions and comments!

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This week, we've got Margot Bloomstein with us, talking about content, trust and branding. In this absolutely packed show, we cover the following and more:

  • Matt's and Margot's thoughts on the process of collecting and reviewing content for a web project, including how to create a more efficient content pipeline
  • Thoughts on the tools used in the content production process today. Is there room for more? Or, go back to basics?
  • The importance of sketching and multimedia in the content process
  • How using different formats of content can help you tell your story better
  • Some observations about how the web might be influencing the real world. What would happen is we brought ideas like search into a retail environment?
  • The role of content in building trust, and how authenticity and vulnerability play into it
  • How a net new brand can build trust without social proof, reviews or testimonials
  • A preview of Margot's new book about using vulnerability and content to build trust and rebuild your brand

Plus! We do a Homepage Throwdown on Patagonia's website ( What do we think about the full bleed slideshow they have? Listen to find out.

Make sure to connect with Margot Bloomstein on Twitter at @mbloomstein. Visit her company, Appropriate, Inc at

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Content, authenticity, meetings, social media, training....this episode has it all. We chat with Meghan Casey, founder of Do Better Content and author of The Content Strategy Toolkit, to get her thoughts on the state of content today. Some of the highlights:

  • How do you deal with the lopsided nature of remote meetings, when you're the only remote participant?
  • What are the problems with meetings in general, and can we design better ones?
  • Has social media changed how we write? (And, is it for good or bad?)
  • What's the role of authenticity in content, and why is it important?
  • Is the quality of content, on a whole, increasing or decreasing?

Also, we tackle two websites on this episode's Homepage Throwdown - Meghan's site, and

Don't forget to download our guide to better content, Let It Grow: 5 Better Content Habits for 2019, at

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Thanks for listening!

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