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Commune with Jeff Krasno




Commune is a podcast where we explore the ideas and practices that bring us together and help us live healthy, purpose-filled lives. We believe personal and societal health are two sides of the same coin, and that cultivating personal wellness is the first step toward making the world well. We connect with experts, scientists, and storytellers around food, health, social impact, mindfulness and movement practices, personal growth, and environmental action. In addition to being a podcast, Commune is also an online course platform with more than 100 full-length courses with top teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Mark Hyman, Adriene Mishler, and many others. Learn more at

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According to Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the “father of Functional Medicine,” the immune system is nature's greatest protector and innovator. It represents your body’s ability to resist all the things that want to tear you apart — and in doing so it intimately defines what is you and what is not you. In this episode, Dr. Bland and Jeff discuss what degrades our immune system as well as how to rejuvenate it.

Learn about Commune and check out all our health, nutrition, and functional medicine courses free for 14 days at

0:10:01 – Dr. Linus Pauling

0:20:52 – Curiosity in the Scientific Method

0:24:32 – Immune System Basics

0:30:54 – Inflammation

0:33:28 – The Skin

0:34:04 – Innate Immune System

0:35:36 – The Microbiome

0:36:20 – Food as Medicine

0:40:38 – Immune Cells

0:45:04 – Leaky Gut Syndrome

0:45:30 – Postprandial Endotoxemia

0:49:16 – Genes

0:50:14 – Glucose

0:54:11 – Metabolic Dysfunction

0:55:33 – Heart Disease

0:56:40 – Statins

0:58:09 – Adaptive Immune System

1:01:30 – Immunosenescence

1:06:36 – Rejuvenating your Immune System

1:10:29 – Visceral Fat

1:11:41 – Two Kinds of Fat

1:15:05 – Epigenetics

1:20:54 – Immunogenomics

1:23:32 – Hormesis

1:25:03 – Mitochondria

1:26:16 – Xenohormesis

1:30:12 – Soil Microbiome

1:37:52 – Phytochemicals

1:45:05 – Biology of Belief

1:53:34 – Trauma

1:59:43 – Sleep

2:10:53 – Big Bold Health

This podcast is made possible by InsideTracker. Join Commune and InsideTracker for a free webinar with Andrew Huberman, PhD on Objective Measures of Health & Performance and How to Improve. Visit to sign up. Tune into the live taping on on September 22 at 1pm PT or receive the replay recording.

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