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Black Cloud Society

Rich Mosher

Black Cloud Society was born out of a necessity to fill a gap in ems podcasts. A gap that typically avoids the discussion of EMS culture and its need to change. While EMS Podcasts that cover clinical and educational topics are much needed, Black Cloud Society is a place where listeners can take a different point of view. A place where listeners can come and reflect on themselves, their peers, and their agencies; and hopefully be inspired to evolve. Not just evolve in their own mindset or practice, but to evolve the very Black Cloud that shades the culture of EMS.

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An article published in the media recently, claims that the State of Rhode Island EMS is investigating and altering the course of airway management abilities among its providers, after it was discovered that 11 patient deaths had occurred after being transported to the hospital with unrecognized and misplaced endotracheal tubes. How this occurs is beyond my comprehension, but none the less, listen in this week as we discuss what in my opinion are some of the issues and concerns within the state, and even talk to a member of the Ambulance Service Advisory Board as we get the low down on this controversial situation and state of affairs in the Dept of Health.

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