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64: Business Buzzword Bingo

b Cause Work Doesn't Have to Suck
It has been a dark several months. This week Nicole and Erin bring a big-ass spotlight of fun back into the b Cause Podcast via an improved run-through of the b Cause Facebook Group's least favorite business buzzwords. Erin and Nicole double-click on the best-in-class business buzzword long hanging fruit. From their vantage point, they socialize it by saying more words to find the synergies and unpack a bunch of stuff that's above their paygrade. In this short episode of fun and laughter, Erin Hatzikostas, Nicole Licata Grant, and Megan Thatford sit down together, reminiscing about the first-ever recording of b Cause and paying homage to the kick-ass community it has catalyzed. Besides the reminiscing and business buzzwords, they also get slightly sidetracked talking about Nicole's soaring success with the b Cause Twitter account (well, actually, she got put in Twitter prison after one tweet, which leads to the realization that she perhaps wasn't the right candidate for the job.) Listen in for the shortest, most action-packed b Cause episode yet! If you like jammin' with us on the podcast, b sure to join us for more fun and inspiration! Here are some options... Check out the b BRILLIANT career coaching program @ b Cause Podcast Facebook group @ We even sare more crazy stuff here (you probably thought that was impossible). Take our simple, fun and insightful "What Kind of Dog Are You At Work?" by going to We have so much fun stuff going on...we wouldn't want you to miss out - join the authenticity movement and our community by adding your email just about anywhere @ Check out our blog for more of our no-BS career advice @ We have fun and inspiring t-shirts @ DISCLAIMER: This episode is not explicit, though contains mild swearing that may be unsustainable for younger audiences. Tweetable Comments: "We were having a quote on quote strategy meeting, and the quote on quote is very large because we're not that strategic." "You forgot to tell me your Twitter engagement was so low You didn't mention that in the interview." "I got put in Twitter Prison. Day one." "I don't know anything about the social media, I'm a dinosaur." "Anyone listening, hashtag speedmetal: it works." "You know Nicole, we're going to take this offline. Our listeners don't have time for this." "The juice isn't worth this grease." "There's probably synergies involved." "Our podcast listeners don't have time for this. I don't hav any line of sight on how this is going to help us get listeners." "I feel like you didn't socialize this. Potentially you just made a unilateral decision." "In reality, this is a little above my paygrade." "Can you just say more words about that?" "I think you just won." "That was best in class." "I'd like to double-click on that and maybe dive a bit deeper." "Eh, we've always done it that way." "Are we thinking enough outside the box though?" "I don't think that's been socialized enough before."

07/14/20 • 15 min

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