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Complete list of Video Editing Podcasts - Listen & Review on Goodpods

Browse the complete list of Video Editing Podcasts on Goodpods

Video editing is a crucial element in the world of filmmaking, content creation, and storytelling. If you're passionate about the art of video editing and want to expand your knowledge, learn new techniques, and stay updated with the latest trends and software, Goodpods, a leading podcast discovery platform, offers a range of podcasts dedicated to video editing. Here, we present a comprehensive full list of video editing podcasts on Goodpods that will inspire, educate, and elevate your editing skills.

Comprehensive List of Video Editing Podcasts

Video editing podcasts on Goodpods provide a valuable resource for aspiring and experienced editors alike. Whether you're looking to enhance your technical skills, gain insights from industry professionals, or stay updated with the latest trends and software, these podcasts offer a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. From interviews with acclaimed editors to discussions on editing techniques, workflow strategies, and career advice, this comprehensive list of video editing podcasts on Goodpods ensures that you can continue to hone your editing skills, expand your knowledge, and stay inspired in the ever-evolving world of video editing. If you are looking for the best video editing podcasts head over to our leaderboards to see the top-rated & listened-to podcasts on Goodpods. So, plug in your headphones, fire up your editing software, and let these podcasts be your guide as you embark on a creative journey in the world of video editing.

Seeking Focus

28 Episodes


Avg Length 59m


Latest episode 7 days ago

Welcome to Seeking Focus - a podcast that provides photographers and videographers with place to critically compare technology, share ideas and enhance their skills. Presenters Marty Matuszewski (of oneBYone.Media) and Evan Sycamnias (of Pixelife Studio) are both based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and have spent several decades shooting and editing photography and videography projects, ranging from commercials and DVD documentaries, right through to small intimate productions. It is their love of the new that sees them constantly seeking to expand their focus, and to grow not only as photographers or videographers - but mediographers as a whole. 'Seeking Focus' is about their journeys, unique perspectives and experiences.
Church Media Design TV HD

47 Episodes


Avg Length 29m


Latest episode 4 years ago

Background Loops, Podcasts, Series Graphics, Invite Cards, Video Editng, Live Sound, and the list goes on. If you are wondering how to implement these things into your local church CMD is here to help! Church.Media.Design TV is a show built around understanding and using media of all forms in the church. In this weekly show Brad Zimmerman gives tips,tricks and how to's, for you the Church Media Designer. Join the conversation at
The Cutdown

32 Episodes


Avg Length 42m


Latest episode 2 years ago

Trailers are one of the most popular forms of media on the Internet, but very few people know who really makes them, and how much work goes into those 1-3 minutes of footage. The Cutdown is a podcast about the art of trailer editing, the people working behind the scenes of this unique industry, and the latest news in both movie and game trailers. Hosted by Hollywood trailer editor Ric Thomas and indie game trailer maker Derek Lieu.
The Videomaker Podcast: Video Production Made Easy
The Videomaker Podcast is for anyone who wants to improve their video production skills or become a better filmmaker. We believe freedom of expression is essential for human progress, and that free societies are better off when more people can effectively express themselves with video.