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Complete list of It Management Podcasts - Listen & Review on Goodpods

Licence Management Today

8 Episodes


Avg Length 24m


Latest episode 8 years ago

Software Licensing and Compliance for IT and procurement professionals. Best practice, news and discussion from the world of Software Asset Management
Beneficial Intelligence

54 Episodes


Avg Length 7m


Latest episode 2 years ago

A weekly podcast with stories and pragmatic advice for CIOs and other IT leaders.
Technology Untangled

47 Episodes


Avg Length 34m


Latest episode 5 days ago

Why isn't talking tech as simple, quick, and agile as its innovations promise to be? Technology Untangled is just that - a show that deciphers tech's rapid evolutions with one simple question in mind: what's really going to shape our future (and what's going to end up in the bargain bin with the floppy disc)? Join your host Michael Bird as he untangles innovation through a series of interviews, stories, and analyses with some of the industry's brightest brains. No marketing speak, no unnecessary jargon. This is real tech talk from the people who know it inside and out. Discover which tools and systems are revolutionising the way we do business, what's up next on the endless innovation agenda, and, most importantly, how you can future-proof and get ahead of the curve.