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For Podcasters

All the ways you can use Goodpods to grow your audience

We know that creating a good show is only half the battle.  Getting people to listen -- well, that’s where we come in!  On Goodpods, we’ve created a way for you to supercharge word-of-mouth as well as engage with your audience.

Our goal is to help you get more listeners and more super fans (and, if you’ve got that, well then, you’ve got more to show your potential advertisers!)


Every time someone listens to your show on Goodpods, it’s instant word-of-mounth marketing. Each listen is posted to the Feed for everyone to see.


Use the share buttons Share icon on your profile page and next to every episode and show.

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Grab this audio clip and put it in your show



Put the Goodpods badge linking to your show on your website (and newsletter etc…!)

Or you can generate a badge directly from the show or episode pages anytime you like.

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Tell your listeners about Goodpods (here is a script you can edit to your own words)

Hey all! Quick note. I want to invite you to follow me on Goodpods. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s like Goodreads or Instagram -- for podcasts.

It’s new, it’s social, it’s different, and it’s growing really fast!

On Goodpods we can follow each other to see what we’re all listening to and, like any other podcast player, you can search for shows and play them right on the app or web for free.

And the part that I love best is that on Goodpods there is a comments section next to every episode where we can chat with each other. I’m excited to hear your feedback and questions about the show.

You can find Goodpods on the web at or download the app. Or use the link in the show notes. My username is (tell them your username). Follow me and I’ll follow you back!


Use the comments next to each episode to engage with your listeners