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V.&Me: Vaginismus - Let's name it not shame it

Audrey Cairo

"Hey, your first time might hurt a bit" might be one of the few things that has been said to you before you had penetrative sex. But what happens when things don't go to plan and it keeps hurting? Or what if your V.(agina) simply says "Hell No"? After having been challenged by vaginismus herself, professional coach Audrey Cairo decided to combine her personal and professional experience to empower women who are being challenged by these conditions. In the V.&Me Podcast series you will join her and her brave guests in real open and honest conversations of how vaginismus or other V. challenges has effected them so far. Subscribe or follow for updates. Connect with host on Insta @letscallherv or find her details on

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Join V.&Me in conversation with the wonderful Emily Sauer, who is a spreader of joy and the inventor of Ohnut*.
After years of experiencing pain with deep penetration, her world changed with one crazy (brilliant) idea: What if you put a pink frosted donut on a penis to make it shorter?
This is an episode full of heart, honesty and openness where Emily shares her journey of how years of blame brought her to creating change and awareness for so many others like herself who suffer from painful sex. She started with the creation of Ohnut.
So make yourself comfortable and join Emily and I for another amazing chat about our V's and more.
*What is Ohnut you ask? Ohnut is a soft compressible buffer made from 4 rings, that can be used together or individually to adjust when penetration feels too deep, without sacrificing sensation. Please find link below for more information.

**mentioned in podcast
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