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Under the Sisterhood

Elizabeth Elfenbein

Under the Sisterhood podcast will honor female experiences. During each episode, our host Elizabeth Elfenbein meets with women ages 18 to 100+ and has intimate conversations to get under the hood of their individual journeys through womanhood, with the intention to see and hear one another and hold space for female expression. Together, we dive into many aspects of the female experience, creating an outlet for women to share their stories, their ideas, their creation and their wisdom. Bringing in guests of many generations, cultures and backgrounds, we approach historical issues of women’s empowerment and open dialogue for new perspectives on women’s embodiment across cultures and worldviews. Under the Sisterhood is a podcast that celebrates women's voices and perspectives. With the help of podcast producer and editor Zack Slaff, along with creative consultant Matt Butler, our host and producer Elizabeth will create space for women to be seen, heard and celebrated. Music by Ayla Schafer.


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