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Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)

Jim the Podcast Sherpa

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It's the podcast about podcasts...and more! Welcome to The Sherpa Chalet, where I'll help you find podcasts and grow your podcast playlist by interviewing podcasters, artists, and interesting people, recommending podcasts, and telling bad jokes! I'm your podcast Sherpa! Connect with me at or my website , . Listen, subscribe, review, spread the word, and make this your 6th favorite podcast! (Keeping the pressure off here...) Follow the show @sherpalution on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik-Tok! #VivaLaSherplution!


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Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! It's Brice Bankard of "The Nocturnal Disney Podcast" !!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


02/19/20 • 36 min

Hey there, Sherpateers! Do you know what time it is? Time to talk Disney! And I was lucky enough to find Brice, who hosts both "The Nocturnal Disney Podcast" and "Twilight Thoughts". Listening to the interview, you can tell how much joy Disney has brought to Brice's life. He's been going since he was a kid, and still knows how to make a great day at Disney World as an adult. He's even passionate about Disney programming, as well. The man clearly knows his M-O-U-S-E. Plus, he has 2 informative and fun podcasts to support it. AND, you don't have to wait on a long line to listen to it, either! So, start the Main Street Parade, launch the fireworks, and get me a $30.00 bottle of water...let's talk Disney with Brice! #VivaLaSherpalution!

Brice's info: Podcasts: The Nocturnal Disney Podcast, Twilight Thoughts; Facebook-The Nocturnal Disney Podcast; Twitter- @Disneynocturnal Instagram-@the_nocturnal_disney_podcast

Brice's faves: Serial, Welcome to Night Vale

Sherpa (Disney) Suggestions:

  • The WDW Radio Show
  • The Dis Unplugged
  • Resort
  • The Disney Magic Hour
  • Disney Parks Podcast
  • WDW Prep to Go
  • Mouse
  • Disney Story Origins Podcast
  • Creating Disney Magic
  • The Happiest Podcast on Earth

That's it for the Sherpa Sheet this week. Hey, I've created a new Spotify playlist called "Sherpa Love." Lots of love songs for a perfect romantic night. You can hear it on Spotify, or at . Don't forget to follow this podcast and The Expert Factory @sherpalution, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you next week!

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"Organize For Success" for 2020, with our guest, Kathy McEwan!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


01/01/20 • 28 min

Happy New Year, Rebels! Are you ready to get organized? That may seem like a big step for some, but Kathy's podcast makes it an easy, small step for everyone. ("That's one small step for people, one giant leap for organization!" Or something like that.) Kathy admittedly started on her organizing skills at a young age, and was able to parlay that into a career. I had no idea there was actually a board to determine Certified Professional Organizers. I guess if I showed up and couldn't find my pen that would be an instant fail? Her podcast is a great starting point for people who want to learn why they are disorganized and how to do something about it. It's such a great starting point that she so kindly allowed me to use an episode of her podcast for an upcoming episode of my podcast, The Expert Factory. Keep your eyes and ears tuned for that, but listen to her podcast in the meantime. You know how I love an informational podcast!

Kathy's info: Podcast- "Organize for Success" Websites:; E-mail :, Facebook- Organize For Success

Kathy's recommendations: Biz Chicks, Storybrand with Donald Miller, Youpreneur, Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher

Sherpa Suggestions:

  1. Organize for Success;
  2. A Slob Comes Clean;
  3. Clean Your Clutter Inside and Out;
  4. Clutterbug Podcast
  5. Got Clutter? Get Organized with Janet
  6. Organize 365

That's it for this week's edition of the Sherpa Sheet. I'm looking forward to the shows and topic we'll be covering in 2020. I can't believe I'm already more than halfway through Season 2 already! Next week's topic...Science vs. the Internet, with my guests Nick and Lauren of "Just Na Science". Don't say "Na" to THIS show! #VivaLaSherpalution!

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It's an Interesting Walk (and Talk ) with "Widow Walking Forward"'s Lisa Joy Walters!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


11/06/19 • 45 min

A little bit of a change-up this week, but don't worry, my supply of bad jokes for the podcast is untouched. It's okay to discuss grief on a podcast that has a tendency to get silly on occasion, and Lisa Joy was the right person for this discussion. You'd think that a podcast with the word "Widow" in the title wouldn't raise your spirits, but for this show, you'd be wrong. You can tell how her family has pulled together in a time of tragedy, and provides not only support for one another, but support for the listeners of her program. My advice to you? Learn to be a "joyster", even though it's not always the easiest thing in the world. You'll see how Lisa is in touch with her spiritual side sand how it brings her comfort in the time of her husband Doug's passing. Although I never knew him, I'm sure Doug was a lucky man to have lived the life he did, and others are lucky to have remembered his impact on them as well. I'm guessing when I get called to that big Podcastia in the sky, peoples' fondest memory of me will be "So glad he finally learned to eat using utensils." (It's a start.)

Lisa Joy's info: Podcast: Widow Walking Forward; website: ; Facebook-Widow Walking Forward; ; email:

Lisa's faves: Joel Osteen, Rhett and Link

Jordan's faves:Rhett and Link, This American Life

Sherpa Suggestions:

  1. Widow Walking Forward
  2. Good Grief with Cheryl Jones
  3. Grief Encounters
  4. Griefcast
  5. The Airing of Grief
  6. Dealing with My Grief
  7. Spiritual Philos-o-Chatter with the Joneses

That's it for The Sherpa Sheet this week. As I mentioned on the show, for those of you following me on social media, (and why aren't YOU?) the social media pages' names will be changing next year, after the release of "The Expert Factory" podcast, as will my website, eventually. Don't forget to check out the promo at It's also available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and PocketCasts. Nxt week, we talk with JP, host of "Junk Foodies". See you then, rebels! #VivaLaSherpalution!

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"What Was That Like"? The Sherpa interviews Scott Johnson for some real unreal stories!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


10/23/19 • 32 min

Most of you know your Podcast Sherpa, and you know there's nothing like a unique podcast to catch his ear. And boy, did I find one! Enter Scott Johnson, computer expert, to fry our circuit boards! (Hey, YOU try to come up with a clever computer analogy.) What Was That Like is all at once gritty, funny, twisted, and very real. Kind of like a breakfast at IHOP. Oh wait, I better not discuss meals, given one of the podcast episodes we discuss! Let's just focus on the lady who married a wrong number, shall we? Check out his show. It's the slice of life that gets left in the back of the fridge...oh wait, there I go again, discussing food! Ok, time for the sherpa to go to his happy place.....

Scott's info; Website-, Podcast: What Was that Like

Scott's Recommendations: Darknet Diaries; School of Podcasting; The Podcast Rodeo; Office Ladies

Sherpa (Scary Podcast) Suggestions:

  1. The Edge of Sleep
  2. Odd Tonic
  3. Ghost Town
  4. Cryptids
  5. Walking the Shadowlands
  6. Nocturne
  7. The Moonlit Road
  8. My Favorite Murder
  9. The Black Tapes
  10. Beyond with Mike Kelton

And don't forget! November 1st will be the first teaser promo for a new podcast that's planned for next year. Subscribe now, so you can catch the new episodes when it launches. Thank you!

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We ask Jo Wilson, "Is This Love?" (Spoiler alert...It's her podcast...)

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


08/28/19 • 34 min

What a great time i had speaking with Joanne Wilson! Podcaster, neuropsychotherapist, counselor,blogger, radio personality,writer, wife, mom of 3...I think I would get a hernia again holding her business card! She really provided a lot of insight into the workings of the brain and how to keep a marriage strong. But I'm positive that those of you who have read her writings or listened to her radio appearances or podcasts already knew that! (Also, her website is worth checking out, too) You can tell that she really cares about people and wants to help those who need it. LOVE her mantra of "It is never too late to begin.". How true is that for all of us?? People like her make me glad that I get to do this. (Okay I think I've gushed I get a free "Is This Love?" t-shirt now?) But seriously, I consider myself very lucky to have interviewed her. Plus! Chemistry without Bunsen burners! Jo tries not to hit her husband's car! Conversation starters that won't land you in court! The sherpa's parents give marital advice! Plus, a long-distance dedication that didn't need Casey Kasem!

Jo's information: Podcast-Is This Love?, websites: , ; radio- SALT 106.5 6:00-9:00 AM (in Australia)

Jo's fave podcasts: All In The Mind; Science of Psychotherapy; TED Talks Daily; 7AM Today, Online Marketing Made Easy w/ Amy Porterfield

Sherpa Suggestions:

  1. Is This Love?
  2. You Are Not So Smart (also a Dave Roberts of "The Owlish Folk" favorite);
  3. Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD
  4. Everyday Neuro
  5. The Fierce Marriage Podcast;
  6. Marriage Is Funny;
  7. Anatomy of Marriage

That's it for this week's Sherpa Sheet. Only a few episodes left until the Season 1 finale, where we will find out who shot JR, who the one-armed man is, and if there are brain cells to be found on "Bachelor In Paradise"! Follow the show on social media, or check out the website! See you next week! (Feel better, Mr. Bruce!)

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Whooooo are this week's guests? Why, Amanda and Dave from "The Owlish Folk", of course!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


06/12/19 • 35 min

Welcome back to the Sherpa Sheet! A little background on this week's episode. I had initially been scheduled to interview just Dave Roberts for this show, because Amanda Greenwood wasn't sure if she could make it. I had a feeling it would be fun with one or two of them. Luckily, she was able to make it. At first, there was no audio for our interview, but once we got it working, BOOM! Dave and Amanda just got the ball rolling before we even started recording. This was actual conversation:

Dave: Jim, I have to warn you, I'm not wearing any trousers.

Amanda: Me, neither. In fact, I'm wearing my husband's underwear.

Dave: So am I!

Now, I don't know about you, but when you start off like that, I know it's going to be a fun interview. I found it interesting how they found lives and careers for themselves in South Korea. As for me, I get a little nervous if I have to drive into the next county. You can tell throughout the interview, and their podcast, what good friends they are, and they were up to whatever the interview had in store for them. They're the type of people that you could go out to lunch with and come back with as old friends. They certainly were at home at the Sherpa Chalet...with (or without) pants .Plus: Yo! Sup!: The Podcast! Chessboxing-.the Sport of Kings (and Rooks)? Amanda's FitBit gauges the show! An (almost) K-Pop duet with Dave! And, if you are "literally overwhelmed with a case of the Mondays during a 7th inning stretch" these Owls will be looking for you! (I'll be hiding in the Chalet, as a home tonsorial artist.)

Amanda & Dave's Information: Podcast-The Owlish Folk; Website: email:, Social Media: #theowlishfolf (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter

Dave's fave podcasts: Script2Screen; You Are Not So Smart

Amanda's faves: Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir; Frank Delaney re: Joyce

Sherpa Suggestions:

  1. The Owlish Folk;
  2. The Allusionist;
  3. A Way With Words;
  4. Lexicon Valley
  5. Animalogy

That's it for this week's edition...#VivaLaSherpalution! And enter the contest, ok?

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Michael Wood gives us 366 Reasons to enjoy the "1 Year Audio Bible Experience"

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


05/29/19 • 29 min

Hmmmm....they say you're not supposed to discuss religion in mixed company. But after interviewing Michael Wood, I would think differently. Here's a talented guy, who wears many hats, who uses his talents to present a DAILY podcast of Bible passages. Regardless of what your religion is, his podcast is a well-produced broadcast that you will enjoy, and get a better understanding of the Bible. In this episode, Michael discusses his background and how religion became an important part of his life, and how the podcast has affected him. Also, did Jesus really say "Hold on, I'm recording!"? Bible bloopers! The link between Overwatch and the Bible! And "Dante's Inferno:The Podcast?" I think Facebook might be the fifth level of Hell, so I'm intrigued!

Michael's contact info: Wix webmastery classes on Udemy and SkillShare; (YouTube, Facebook) michael_wood_digital_creative (Instagram)

Michael's favorite podcasts: Start Here, Daily Hope, Core

Sherpa Suggestions for the week:

  • 1-Year Audio Bible Experience;
  • The 10-Week Bible Study Podcast
  • The Bible Project
  • Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
  • The 1-Year Daily Audio Bible
  • Exploring My Strange Bible

If you didn't know already, add Apple Podcasts/iTunes and Stitcher to the growing number of platforms where you can hear this podcast. But FINALLY, you can leave reviews for the show on Apple and Stitcher! Nice reviews only, of course... Also, be sure to tune in for the June 5, 2019 show, where you will hear about a contest for the podcast you can enter. (Hint: It's not Publisher's Clearing House.) Could you possibly be a winner? Also, check out my ads on YouTube on my Jim the Podcast Sherpa channel! I'll be discussing that soon, so stay tuned! Thank you for reading the Sherpa Sheet!

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Get your passport ready! It's Travel Snacks time with Allison Sharpe!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


04/04/19 • 32 min

Welcome to my debut, and sorry for the delay! What better way to kick off a podcast than with a travel theme with Travel Snacks host Allison Sharpe? Allison discusses her podcast, how to make travel better, and her famous social media family, among several topics. Trust me, you WILL learn something from her. Plus, Jim the podcast sherpa (That's me, your host!) fills you in on what to expect on the show and mentions a few other travel podcasts to check out, in addition to Travel Snacks.

It was such a pleasure having Allison on the show. Plus, she was a huge help in getting the interview set up. Allison, you are THE Travel Snacks Sherpa!

This is my first time podcasting (stop looking so shocked!), and I hope for the show to evolve as we go on. I want to make the show listener-friendly. You can leave a voicemail through the Anchor app, or email me at with any questions, comments, requests or suggestions. . I've got ideas that you'll hear about in future episodes that will involve you, the listeners. So, please spread the word, ok? And donate, if you feel like it.

Here are some links you'll want to check out.

For Travel Snacks: (website) (Instagram),, (YouTube)

Podcasts Allison likes: You Up?, Real Talk with Rachel Luna, The David Madow Show.

More travel recommendations from your sherpa: Travel Snacks (of course!) Travel Genius, The Cruise Geeks, Amateur Traveler, Zero to Travel

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It's the trailer to Too Many Podcasts!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


03/18/19 • 0 min

Straight from the trailer park, here's the trailer to my podcast. Hope to see you soon! --- Send in a voice message:
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COVID-19 : Lauren and Nick of "Just Na Science" give us the straight facts!!

Too Many Podcasts! (Exploring podcasts w/ Jim the Podcast Sherpa)


04/08/20 • 43 min

It's those crazy lovebirds, the "Just Na" Scientists to the rescue! And their Little Jerry, too! I felt they were far better qualified to explain what's going on than I ever could be. And of course, I was right! We may hear about this constantly on the news, and it's very bleak, but they can help all of us understand exactly what's happening here. And it's important to be informed, especially since we ALL play a part in containing the spread of the virus. So once again, mucho thanks, my friends! And now we return to your regularly scheduled podcast ,where Little Jerry sings that Zoresto song.

Here are the coronavirus episodes that are already on the "Just Na Science" website. Please check them out. Be informed. And be safe, Rebels!

(Also, check last season's episode for the last time they visited!)

Don't forget to follow this show on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @sherpalution, and subscribe to this show on your favorite podcast app, or listen at Please share this podcast on social media and leave a nice review at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio. Thanks for listening! #VivaLaSherpalution! #StaySafeRebels!

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