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Snidey Cuts and Bruises - Episode 4 - The Strange Mole Show

The Strange Mole Show - The Anti Fascist, Comedy Podcast
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Hello there and welcome to the Fourth Comedy episode of Doc Strange and the Dude, "The Strange Mole Show" Ep 4 - "Snidey Cuts and Bruises" (11th April 2021)

What a couple of weeks we have had since Episode 3 "Police Brutality, Swelling and BlundaVision"

There's been more Protests throughout the UK, because everyone knows that the people protest against a government when they are doing a great job!

  • The Corrupt Tories are doing a terrible job, they've been ruining the UK for the last 10 years and still blame everyone else.
  • Protests turned to Riots in Northern Ireland, with the Good Friday Agreement in serious trouble. Fears the the Troubles are starting again. As predicted.
  • Prince Philip died this week, aged 99 years of age. Which is an amazing age for anyone to live and he did a lot of good in his life. We are Not Royalists but with respect may he Rest in Peace.
  • The Racists in Government compiled a fake report on Institutional Racism. There's no such thing and we must all go back to sleep.

Enjoy the show! @StrangeMoleShow

Written by Holy Mole and Chris Doc Strange,

Performed by Holy Mole, Chris Doc Strange with our Special Guest Chrissie Grech

Please Share if You Enjoy our idea of a Satirical Comedy Sketch Show. Thanks for listening.

WARNING: The Police are "Just Following Orders" from Priti Patel (Histroy will remember that name. Not in a good way.)

Listen to the Podcast and give us your feedback.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Writers and Performers VERY Welcome, Please Get in touch. There's No money in it, for any of us (yet), but it's cathartic and who knows what will happen.


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04/11/21 • 28 min

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