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Anyone can be a DIY investor using the tax-efficient waterfall - Sarah Catherine Gutierrez

The Scope of Practice Podcast

12/27/21 • 56 min

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Episode 91 -Have you ever wanted to be a DIY investor but you just didn't know where to start? It's not that hard. All you need is a plan! The tax-efficient waterfall investing strategy is a great roadmap that can turn any financial novice into a DIY investor in 8 easy steps. This is a super-simple but incredibly powerful investing strategy. Any would-be DIY investor should have no trouble getting great returns using these few very simple steps. Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez is an author, blogger, and owner of Aptus Financial. She has a great head for strategy and a heart for service. If you think becoming a DIY investor is beyond your reach, think again!! Let Sarah-Catherine show you how it's done!!

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It's time to Residency-Proof Your Marriage!

This online video course will coach you through setting expectations, communicating effectively, getting on the same page with finances, and keeping your relationship thriving during a difficult time. Whether you’re in medical school, residency, or out in clinical practice, Residency-Proof Your Marriage is going to help you build a thriving medical marriage.

This is a very inexpensive investment in your marriage. A weekend marriage retreat will cost upwards of $1000 between food, registration, lodging, and vacation time. This course is just a fraction of that cost and you can complete it on your own time!

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Free Resource: 3 Critical Tools to Level Up Your Family's Finances

Buying a house can and should be fun, but you’ve got to put in the work to do it right. That’s why this week’s free resource is so valuable. It’s a pdf download called “3 Critical Tools to Level Up Your Family’s Finances.” It’ll help you create an easy budget that actually works, set some reachable financial goals, and communicate with your spouse about money without ending up in another money fight. That way, you can save up for your house, or any other big purchase and get there with your sanity and your wallet intact. You can download it for free by clicking here.

Check out the additional free resources available at The Scope of Practice!

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