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#107b - The Parenting Well Series - Using Family Meetings to Get the Help You Need at Home with Dr. Kerstin Kirchsteiger

The Refreshed Moms Podcast

03/25/22 • 53 min

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If you've ever stood and glared at your husband or child in contempt while they sat peacefully in the living room relaxing after a day of work or school while you sweat away in the kitchen over a meal - that they may or may not eat - after your own full day of work (and in my case right now work AND school), honey, you ain't alone.
Don't you wish everyone in that living room would look up and notice those droplets of sweat on your brow?
Wouldn't it be amazing to see them all RISE from their couch slumber to take the weight off of you and come help in the kitchen - chop a veggie or two, wash out that pot you need to cook (because one of those jokers used it earlier in the day), or just ask you if they can help you in any way?
Well, it doesn't work like that in my home. At all.
I have to open my mouth and let people know how I need help, and magically, most of the time when I do, I get the help I need. They honestly are really great at pitching in.
However, opening my mouth after stewing in contempt for 20 minutes in the kitchen usually doesn't go well for me. We all end up frustrated at each other, and the help I receive is being executed very reluctantly.
The only way I've managed to feel consistently supported - without everyone in the house giving me the stink eye - has been talking about it first at a completely different time in a relaxed, friendly setting.
And this episode is going to talk about how to do just that.
I'm chatting with my friend and Life and Leadership Coach Dr. Kerstin Kirchsteiger about how using family meetings can change the game in regards to getting the help and support you need from your family while working, homeschooling, and managing the home.
We all need and deserve the help, and it may just be one short family conversation away.
Download her Family Meetings Blueprint below:
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