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The HealthyADHD Podcast is an offshoot of the popular website Through a mix of science, expert interviews, and personal insight, Liz Lewis bridges the gap between experts in the field of ADHD, and the adults living with the condition. It does not suck.

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My good friend Jaclyn Paul, from The ADHD Homestead is back!
I recently wrote a rant email about why it sucks that women*** bear the burden of the holiday season. In fact, we do all the invisible work of life, so kin-keeping shouldn't be a surprise.
Because her timing is always perfect, Jaclyn contacted me last week and we engaged in a series of voice messages about the concept of kin-keeping, and the added mental/emotional burdens of 2020.
Jaclyn recorded our conversation, as well as an audio version of her original article on kin-keeping.
As always, we both put a lot out into the world, and we appreciate your support.
Thanks for listening.
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