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Taming Tigers

Stuart Williams Podcasts

This is the Taming Tigers podcast - with Jim Lawless and Stuart Williams.
In this exciting time to be alive, we must adapt to changes all around us if we are to thrive. We also want to create our own changes: from getting healthy to achieving a new job or property.
Adaptation and resilience building are not mysterious arts. They are learnable skills that should be taught at school!
Jim tested his Taming Tigers framework for radical adaptation personally. Twice. He transitioned from non-riding, unfit consultant to televised jockey within 12 months of starting learning to ride. He became the first Briton to freedive deeper than 100m in 8 months of training. Both transitions were achieved whilst working and parenting (the reality of adaptation at work).
Jim’s Taming Tigers presentation have inspired over 500,000 business people across 5 continents. Countless more have been inspired by his book Taming Tigers (Random House).
The framework has changed the futures of young people going through tough times and CEOs looking to change their - and their organisation’s - performance. It has played a key role in many organisational transformations in major businesses across the world.
You are writing the story of your life. What’s the next chapter you are going to write?


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