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Surviving Outside Sales

Mike O'Kelly

Surviving Outside Sales is a podcast for outside sales reps that want to learn how to Get In, Dominate, and Get Out. Join host Mike O'Kelly as he interviews top professionals from inside and outside sales, business owners who built something for themselves, as well as many other experts in their field. From building business systems, landing the perfect sales job and hearing stories from entrepreneurs who fired their jobs, it's all here! IG: @SurvivingOutsideSales

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You get to a point in a sales career when you are wondering, is this it? 🤔
At some point you want to call the shots, take control of your destiny and you realize it can't be with any other company where you aren't in control.
Quitting that job, moving on from that role where others supplied you with everything and you just sold, to being the Man or the Woman is very scary.
Just know, part of the
Surviving Outside Sales community and podcast is built around this topic.
✅Getting Out.
Today's guest Keith Allen Johns is an expert when it comes to this and helps others do just that.
If you are looking to get out and need guidance, look no further than today's guest.
To connect with KAJ:
LinkedIn: Keith Allen Johns
Website: Keith Allen & Co.
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LinkedIn: Mike O'Kelly | LinkedIn
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