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RedRock Leadership Podcast

Jeff Ruby, Founder & CEO of RedRock Leadership

This podcast is hosted by Jeff Ruby, Founder & CEO of RedRock Leadership. It's uniquely designed for business owners and leaders who want to transform their company culture and unleash the potential for exponential growth. Each episode is packed full of best practices, experts interviews and inspiration.Jeff believes and teaches that the vision of a leader is to “create a legacy” and that the mission of a leader is “to take care of others.” He doesn't teach leaders how to become great, instead he teaches them to create greatness. The skills, techniques and methods that you hear about on this podcast have helped countless others learn to trust and persevere to become collaborative leaders. It's work for hundreds of leaders Jeff has personally coached, and it can work for you too. Jeff's vision is that business owners and leaders all over the world, who want to increase sales, improve their leadership skills and grow their companies will be advised by their peers that the only way they’ll achieve the highest level of success is to embrace RedRock Leadership. If you like what you hear, please tell others!


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