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237 Arielle Nissenblatt - Taking Imperfect Action

Podcast Junkies

09/30/20 • 59 min

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06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Arielle Nissenblatt who shares her background in podcasting, the inspiration to start a podcast-themed newsletter and her latest role as Community Manager at SquadCast

18:30 – Arielle speaks to how her career in podcasting evolved over time

27:21 – Arielle discusses previous roles she has held in the podcast industry and the most important lessons she’s learned

37:30 – What community means to Arielle and why it’s important to cultivate true community

39:12 – Arielle speaks to the work she’s doing on her two podcasts, Counter Programming and Feedback with Ear Buds

50:22 – Trends Arielle has observed within the podcast industry

53:37 – What is something that Arielle has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Arielle

59:08 – Harry thanks Arielle for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“I love listening to a podcast that is presenting knowledge and it tells you about a word or a phrase or even a whole group of people that are now somewhere else on the Earth and you’ve never heard of them before.” (11:30)

“I like to keep on top of everything going on in the podcast space ever. I like to follow every newsletter, follow every event. When I don’t know about it, I get very upset.” (25:36)

“I think a lot of people who are podcasters think it’s a big mystery behind what makes a podcast grow. But it’s not that big of a mystery. You have to create a good product and you have to have a solid marketing plan.” (30:11)

“It’s so fun working for a company that you endorse yourself.” (37:25)

“Differentiate yourself in some way. Just be weird in any way possible. If you are gonna have a podcast with your buddy, that’s fine as long as you find some way to make it strange.” (50:14)

“I think every little thing about us informs how we interact in day-to-day life.” (57:40)





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