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OMI: We Make CRM Work..

We talk Business, Technology, Strategy, and the Psychology of making things happen through the voice of professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs! Brought to you by

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Episode 18 we interview Kevin Hopp CEO of Hopp Consulting Group and Host of the Sales Career Podcast. Kevin shares his experience helping early and late-stage Technology companies put the right technologies, process, and people in place to do sales outreach correctly. His strategies start with a conversational approach first.
Hopp Consulting Group has a podcast called the Sales Career Podcast dedicated to bringing the best-selling practices through interviews with today's top sales leaders. Tune in to the podcast here

About Hopp Consulting Group:
Hopp Consulting Group was launched in 2018 when Kevin realized that his natural ability and love of cold calling was truly unique. The first year of Hopp Consulting Group was all outbound-as-a-service, with Kevin making cold calls and converting at a remarkably high rate for his clients. HCG evolved when the opportunity came for Kevin to help build a company that did outbound-as-a-service, so Kevin could transfer his knowledge to others and build a team that converts cold conversations into warm customers. That experience parlayed into HCG taking on a much more strategic approach to helping businesses looking to build outbound process and structure.
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Episode 23 -We speak with Derek Distenfield Managing Director at Fundamental Global and FG Ventures

Derek talks about what Fundamental Global looks for when investing in companies, more importantly the leaders of the company. He shares FG Ventures unique approach in supporting CEO’s, founders, and Leaders in their journey to (IPO) Initial Public offering which is the strength of the FG Ventures team.

About Fundamental Global:

Fundamental Global is a closely held private partnership focused on long-term strategic holdings. It was co-founded in 2012 by Kyle Cerminara (former T. Rowe Price, Point72 and Tiger Cub portfolio manager), and Joe Moglia (former Chairman and CEO of TD Ameritrade).

Fundamental Global uses our resources, network and capital to deliver results.

FG Venture: Venture Capital

FG Ventures is the venture capital arm of Fundamental Global, a private partnership co-founded by former T. Rowe Price, Point72 and Tiger Cub portfolio manager Kyle Cerminara and former Chairman and CEO of TD Ameritrade, Joe Moglia.

FG Ventures’ team consists of seasoned founders, current corporate leaders, and serial venture investors, forming a collective that has launched, seeded, and invested in hundreds of startups to date. FG Ventures takes an approach that is stage and industry agnostic, backing bold entrepreneurs looking to deliver innovative, technological-based solutions to pressing challenges.

By bringing to bear a network of experts and resources that can help portfolio companies grow through direct support and mentorship from experienced leaders, coupled with a conduit to additional sources of capital, FG Ventures offers founders a unique value proposition in growing their businesses to new heights.

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