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Make An Impact Podcast

Heidi Fisher

Make An Impact Podcast is the podcast for you if you're a social entrepreneur or purpose led business owner, or desire to be one, and want to be inspired to make a bigger impact on people and the planet.Heidi Fisher MBE talks to social entrepreneurs who have set up all kinds of enterprises, and finds out more about how they are successfully running their social enterprises, and making a positive impact in the world.In the conversations you'll find out what they are doing so you can develop your social enterprise using their practical tips, why they do what they do, the impact their social enterprise has and how they measure their impact, and more.There's also exclusive interviews with Heidi where she shares her tips and knowledge around social enterprise and impact measurement.#socialenterprise #impactmeasurement

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When serial technology entrepreneur Bashir Khairy had a lightening bolt realisation of the cumulative effects of our shopping habits, he overhauled his lifestyle.
But there was a problem. Bashir and his family couldn't find enough sustainable products in one place. "There were fundamental questions about how we vote with our money," he says, and directed his focus to creating a marketplace featuring ethical products from conscious merchants.
The Green Wallet app is now in use UK-Europe wide making it easy for social entrepreneurs to access conscious customers. Bashir and his team of tech enthusiasts have also launched a payment processing gateway, and plant a tree every time they process a payment. With 35 billion transactions processed online in the UK alone last year, that could be a lot of trees.
Bashir, founder and CEO at Green Wallet, is a former officer with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and ran a substantial portfolio at BT Wholesale. Heidi was so impressed with Green Wallet's services (and its forthcoming launch of ethical banking services, something she is asked about frequently) that Make an Impact and Green Wallet launched an
exciting partnership this month. In this episode Heidi quizzes Bashir about:
• How Green Wallet came to be
• Bashir has committed to planting a billion trees – that sounds like a lot! How will they get there, and are Bashir and team really planting that many?
• Is planting a tree the only solution, and does it accurately reflect the carbon involved in a transaction?
• The biggest highs and lows in the business so far
• How the team recruited its tech experts
• The new partnership and how Make an Impact podcast listeners can benefit and enable hundreds of trees to be planted every year – what a fantastic way of harnessing technology for good.
What next?
• For more information visit Use the code IMPACT to enable 10 trees to be planted on registration and a halved commission fee for the first 6 months if you sell in the Green Wallet marketplace.
• More about Heidi's work at

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Does your work create social change and are you an extraordinary business leader? If so, you could apply for the Cambridge Social Innovation Prize, which offers a £10,000 cash award to up to four winners for their personal and professional development alongside expert mentoring support.
It's an exciting opportunity to accelerate your impact and today's guest Nicole Helwig explains more about the Prize, its purpose and impact, how to apply, and gives a vital piece of advice if you're thinking of applying.
Nicole took up her role as Programme Director, Cambridge Social Ventures in the middle of the pandemic. What was that like, and how does Cambridge Social Ventures measure its impact? What programmes and support does it offer social innovators and impactful business leaders and how have these evolved? How did Nicole and colleagues ensure the "moments when the magic happens" weren't lost?
Nicole also explains how she become involved with social enterprise, why she wanted to lead Cambridge Social Ventures, and reflects on social enterprise ecosystems and innovation with an international perspective (Nicole was brought up in Newfoundland).
From ballet to business for social change, via Canada, South East Asia and Cambridge: Nicole is a fascinating guest for season 5's first episode.

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Dave Linton is the first ever guest to be invited onto the Make an Impact podcast for a follow-up interview. He launched Madlug in 2015 as he was heartbroken to learn that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in bin bags. Madlug’s 'Buy one, give one' approach addresses this.
But what’s happened since Dave was last
on the show? Masses, it turns out, and Dave describes Madlug’s resilience in the face of a social media hack, the decisions it made to deal with Covid, the value and importance of a great board, the importance of trusting your gut and how he and his crew responded to an astonishing phone call from IKEA.
Dave also gives his KEY advice to help social entrepreneurs find your niche and avoid mission drift. It’s a powerful tale of a social enterprise which started with just £480 and is making an astonishing impact.
What next?

  • Madlug's website
  • Heidi's new book shares everything she knows about impact measurement and management – and how to implement it in your organisation. Order your copy of Impact First – The Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Measuring, Managing and Growing Your Impact at
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There are six million dads in the UK and when Dan Flanagan's own father passed away he re-evaluated his own life. "It can be lonely to be a dad but men don't like to talk about that."
The consequences are profound and tragic. Isolation, loneliness, mental ill-health. For some men, suicide – horrifyingly, 96 men under 45 are lost to suicide each week in the UK. And the emotional availability of fathers has both an immediate and long-lasting impact on children.
A few years ago Dan started blogging about fathers and parenting and – to his great surprise – his posts became hugely popular. They resonated with many men who were frustrated they couldn't share their feelings with others, suffering in silence, or struggling with stereotyping.
He launched Dad La Soul, a "revolutionary grassroots movement that uses art, tech, music and play to battle social isolation and loneliness." The more we can do to get dads talking the better, he says.
Dad La Soul is a not-for-profit community interest company. It's now globally recognised, has been mentioned in the UK's parliament and featured in numerous media articles.
Its impact report has unlocked numerous opportunities for the social enterprise, and been recognised as an exemplary piece of storytelling and impact communication.
Dan tells Heidi how he came to launch and develop Dad La Soul and build communities where dads support each other.
He describes how it has worked with many organisations, from football clubs to social housing providers to local authorities to big brands – but it's also turned down numerous partnerships if they weren't right.
And he covers how he shook up impact reporting by necessity.
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