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Conversation with Beverly Price: Founder of Nastava Jewelry/Founder at Her Self Expression/ Transformational Coach

Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

09/26/22 • 52 min

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Coming from a upbringing where education around self-love and confidence seem to be missing, Beverly price discovered her path from self-expression to self-empowerment in later her adulthood. The road to self-empowerment comes with pain and struggles, but Beverly said, without being self-empowered, she wouldn’t have that strengths to pivot to Jewelry design from finance sector. It took her 30 years to reach other side of self-empowerment while she believe it doesn’t need to be that much long for women to get there. She is hence missioned -driven to take women on a journey from self-expression to self-empowerment. she funded her Jewellery brand Nastava that featuring bespoke Pieces and finest materials. As an intuitive designer, she pours in soul and heart in each piece . The goal of Nastava is to empower and inspire her clients with the boldness and uniqueness element in her creation. She believes This transformation on the outside, along with a transformation on the inside, is the best recipe for confidence and self-empowerment. When you feel beautiful outside, you feel empowered inside.

She further shared other foundations of self-empowerment: don’t compare yourself with others. Often we compare our inside with other’s outside which always ends up feeling the sense of inadequacies . What we should focus on is to fall I love with authentic ourselves and be comfortable on own skin. We should also switch the victim mindset to I am responsible for myself. Somtimes professional help is needed to find that strength to move forward.

Beverly described her Entrepreneurial Journey as an emotional roller coaster ride . She said Entrepreneurial world is not for everyone . But if you do want to build your own business, you should take that leap of faith eventually. There is little voice inside us that take us to our true calling .There are some nudges in our life along the way that ‘push’ us to embark on the journey. She addressed struggling facing female funder in current funding ecosystem, and what takes to be a successful entrepreneur ( resilience , optimism , mindset shift, building support network, etc., ). When self-doubt and second guess creep in ( which is inevitable ) you are still able to cope emotionally well and keep going! She just launched a new podcast called Her-Self-Expression ( I am a big fan ) and built Her- Self -Expression Sisterhood, a Facebook Group. Both are extension of her life-long mission: Support and Advocate for women’s personal journey from self-expression to self-empowerment!
Beverly shared:
Being a participant is the key in support network so you can have fuller and richer life experience, and you can’t just expect people to come to you . You need to be an active part as well. Essentially you need to be that kind of friend somebody want to be friend with.
When the pain of problem comes greater than the pain of solution, change will happen.
When you get to other side of empowerment, it doesn’t mean you arrived and the journey ended . The journey continues through your whole life.
The biggest thing is walking through your fear, just put one foot in front another and keep going.
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