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Getting Known for What You Do: Match Your Music to Venues

Getting Known for What You Do: Match Your Music to Venues

Jazz Office Hours

It's summer! We're on vacation, so please enjoy this top highlight clip from episode one.

In this answer, Will & Cory discuss the secret to connecting with local music venues and booking agents: know what you want to do!

It breaks down into three steps:

  1. Clearly define what you think your band is.
  2. Look at venues and figure out which ones you could potentially fit into.
  3. Make your best demo, and make a statement of how you feel you should be treated by the venues.

After that, you can shift your focus to getting known for what you do, which is as simple as spending time at the venues you want in your musical life.

This clip originally appeared in episode 1: Making Albums, Expectations, Demo Recordings, Distribution.

08/04/22 • 3 min

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