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Fear in Gig Booking, Draw, Overplaying, Low Student Turnout

Fear in Gig Booking, Draw, Overplaying, Low Student Turnout

Jazz Office Hours

Fear. It shows up throughout our musical lives as we book gigs and work to bring people out. But too often the attention drifts to numbers like, 'What's your draw?' while the meaning rests in the music's impact.

Maybe promoters aren't as cynical as you think. And it's not all about results from one show; you can always get the promoter excited for next time, too.

  • First question: Fear of playing badly, and of not drawing enough people to your gig (2:24),
  • Will breaks down how much easier it is to tour in this era than it was decades ago, but also how much harder it's gotten in the past few years (19:43),
  • Playing too many local gigs in a short period of time (29:31),
  • Best-of-2022 highlight: Comparing venues (31:23),
  • Next question: Presenting workshops for students but getting low turnout (43:44),
  • Getting past attendance numbers to focus on impact (54:06).

09/01/22 • 60 min

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