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TRIGGERED! When the holidays feel stressful or draining

TRIGGERED! When the holidays feel stressful or draining

Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast

Aaah, the holidays... a magical time of gathering with loved ones and celebrating our blessings. That is, ideally!

For many people, the holidays can be a lot more stressful, draining, or anxiety-inducing than the picture-perfect image of a loving family gathered around a fancy table. The holidays - whichever ones you choose to celebrate - can bring up mixed emotions or fill you with anticipatory dread, worry, and stress.

In this special holiday edition of TRIGGERED!, I talk about:

the importance of breaking with old traditions that feel draining, confining, or dysfunctional

creating your own traditions that feel more aligned and peaceful

reinforcing boundaries with family members during the holidays

liberating yourself from burdensome family expectations and using the holidays as an opportunity to practice saying NO

ways to protect yourself energetically & physically if you choose to gather with family

You might find this resource helpful if you do get triggered at some point during the holidays. I created a guide on 10 Ways to Get Untriggered Quickly, which you can download here:

I can't thank you enough for tuning in to this podcast... your presence makes it all worthwhile. I hope this episode supports you in having a peaceful, stress-free holiday season.

To connect with me directly, please visit or

Music & editing by G. Demers

Inner Work 2021 All Rights Reserved.

11/23/21 • 17 min

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