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End Hype with Callye Keen

Callye Keen

<p>End Hype coaches brilliant misfits, innovators, and outsiders to transform product ideas into business realities from real experience without the fluff. We deliver business knowledge gained from developing and manufacturing 100s of products.</p><p>The information comes from hard fought experience working with high-growth startups and major corporations. This show is for entrepreneurs who want better lives, more impact, and greater results. We are for the outsiders who understand action is only path to making the future.</p><p>We are sick of ...</p><ul><li>Business books with 200 pages of filler</li><li>Gurus copying and offering useless content</li><li>Venture capitialist bankers offering startup advice</li><li>Fancy talk from fancy people with zero action</li></ul>Do we know everything? <br>Of course not.<br><p>We connect with guest experts to accelerate learning to answer new challenges. Our network and community is growing every day. Learn with us and share in the story as we grow.</p><p>Entrepreneurs are uniquely capable of improving their lives and their communities. Stop talking about what you could do. Listen in and take action. Innovation changes how we live, work, and interact.<br>We create new opportunities.<br>Change your life.<br>Change the world.<br></p>About Callye Keen<p>Through collaboratively developing and manufacturing 100s of products, Callye saw a massive range of strategies, tactics, successes, and failures firsthand. He packaged this experience into the Red Blue Collective framework.</p><p>Callye has presented at national events, spoken at universities, and ran successful incubator programs. Clients have built 7-8 figure businesses, raised investment, and sold products around the world.</p>


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