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EduRecoveryHub's Route K-12 Podcast

Route K-12 Podcast

Join Collaborative for Student Success Director Jim Cowen this summer on a road trip showcasing how federal recovery funds are reshaping schools. Guests will include education commissioners, district superintendents, parents, and others who can give insight into how the funds are flowing. Look for the Route K-12 Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts or on weekly starting on June 13th.

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Education Commissioner Charlene Russell-Tucker explains how Connecticut has partnered with colleges and universities to determine the effectiveness of summer school and other programs funded by recovery dollars. In turn, Connecticut has become a leader in the transparent spending of federal funds, as well as in engaging students and their communities in determining how federal dollars should be invested.

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Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn describes the "big bet" Tennessee has taken with recovery funds to address flagging literacy with high dosage tutoring. Schwinn highlights how the pandemic allowed parents to more meaningfully engage in schools and gives a preview of what’s next for Tennessee’s schools.

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