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Doc Talk: Venturing Beyond a Master's


Several years after earning her second Master's Degree, host, Allison Marschean captured this in her iNotes on 11/6/2013: "I want to get a PhD in something. Just having one interests me...I've thought about it a lot and it came to mind again today. What would I get it in?? Hummm??"Doc Talk: Venturing Beyond a Master's came about as a way for Allison to answer that very question. By talking with people who have "been there and done that", Allison seeks to get a better understanding of what it really takes to venture beyond a Master's and intends to help others, with similar questions, along the way. Allison interviews men and women from all walks of life who fall into one of several categories:1. have earned a doctoral degree2. are in the midst of earning a doctoral degree3. are contemplating earning a doctoral degree4. began a doctoral program and did not complete it for one reason or anotherHer candid conversations with guests cover topics ranging from how they selected a doctoral program, to financing, to fondest memories during those demanding years of study.


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