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a mentor to creatives? with Chris Locke

a mentor to creatives? with Chris Locke

Do I need school to be...

Welcome to Part II of my interview with Chris Locke, co-founder of Miro Innovations. On the last episode, we talked about Chris' educational journey and his developments as a professional. In this one into the differences between design education in Latin America and in Europe. We get into it y'all!

On this interview we spoke about:

  • The gaps we find in both educational systems
  • The benefits of having a mentor
  • Challenges of creative education
  • Where creative education will go in this post-pandemic world

Want to learn more about Chris? Here are some links:
Website of Miro Innovation
The Psychology of Creative Business - Innovation Talk #19
Chris on ADP List

Chris’s recommendation is to get a mentor and to that effect he recommends ADP List where he is a mentor himself and you can get anything from feedback on your portfolio to career advice to free events.

In an effort to make this podcast accessible, we make transcripts of every episode. You’ll find the transcripts on our website here.

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03/03/22 • 34 min

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