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Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja

Looking for ways to increase your website’s visibility and significantly grow the sales it generates? Join bestselling digital marketing author and Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja Tim Cameron-Kitchen as he, the Ninjas and special guests share ‘real life’ actionable tips straight from the digital marketing front line. Whether it's learning about SEO, Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Digital PR, Conversion-Optimised Web Design or anything else Digital Marketing, hear case studies and actionable tips from people who live marketing all day every day. More information and show notes are available at the podcast website

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Today I'm talking with Alex French of Bizzy Coffee, a ~$10MM cold brew coffee company doing selling BIG through Amazon and Shopify ——— Get a FREE Review of your Website @

Bizzy Coffee sell cold brew coffee. If you're not familiar with what that is, it's coffee that's extracted for anywhere up to 24 hours using cold water to extract all the flavours you'd expect from a roasted bean, but not as you're used to tasting them, plus a whole lot more

Cold-brew has exploded over the last five years and one company at the forefront of that explosion is Bizzy Coffee.

Bizzy Coffee sell online and instore, they can be found in hundreds of retails around the US, but in today's podcast, we learn about how Bizzy, and their CEO, Alex French, generate traffic via Amazon that they turn into repeat customers.

In the podcast, we talk about:

💡 How Bizzy uses Amazon to earn new customers

💡 How they encourage repeat purchases through their own marketing and Shopify store

💡 How important product page design is to business success

💡 and Much More

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